Happy Birthday Poptropica!

Happy birthday to you, Poptropica! Yep, five years ago, poptropica was just beginning. Look at it now! Congratulations Creators. A simple dream turned into reality!

Yep, and this year you can find a sweet (literally) cake costume in the Multiplayer rooms! Or, if you can’t be bothered to search for it, you can of course get the free birthday balloon item from the poptropica store.

As you can see, I’m way behind the times.

It’s Poptropica’s fifth birthday Magic! What were you thinking???

Well, within three tries, I found it

YAY! Happy birthday Poptropicans!


About Magic Star

Hi. This is the profile of Magic Star, often abbreivated to MS. I blog for poptropica, but love art, writing, swimming, acro, and music. I work on my own blog (Magic Star in Poptropica), Tough Icycle's Blog, Brave Eye's Blog, Grumpy Snowball's Blog, and Poptropica Tips Blog! I don't like the Giant Spider :(
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Poptropica!

  1. Brave Eye says:

    I can’t find the costume

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