500,00- OMG!

Well, I went on the Creators’ blog…

And was shocked.

500,000,000 Poptropicans created!

That’s a real milestone!

In fact, if Poptropica were a country, it would be the 3rd biggest in the world!

Anyways, Magic out.


About Magic Star

Hi. This is the profile of Magic Star, often abbreivated to MS. I blog for poptropica, but love art, writing, swimming, acro, and music. I work on my own blog (Magic Star in Poptropica), Tough Icycle's Blog, Brave Eye's Blog, Grumpy Snowball's Blog, and Poptropica Tips Blog! I don't like the Giant Spider :(
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2 Responses to 500,00- OMG!

  1. Brave Eye says:

    Magic, 1 poptropican creates 1000 more. Just noting.

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