The Aliens Description!

Here’s the description for my new story!

It’s just a regular day on planet Peniculous. Friendly Paw is bored, all the adults are working, the boys are having a spitting contest. But when a human comes from Poptropica and threatens their very life source, what will she do? Friendly Paw and Golden Cloud soon form a strong bond, but it has to be kept secret. If somebody found out about Golden Cloud, she AND Friendly Paw will be thrown off the planet!


About Summer Brave

The internet is my life. I love Minecraft, Harry Potter, TFIOS, PJO, HoO, Doctor Who, photography, and a lot of other stuff I can't think of. Professional fangirl. Yup. Kay. Awkward...
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2 Responses to The Aliens Description!

  1. Magic Star says:

    This sounds great, no kidding Friendly Paw! I wish I could think up things like this…
    *Looks at colorful collection of Harry Potter books on shelf* NO! I wish I was J.K. Rowling…

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