It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday-

Everyone: STOP!

Magic Star: Everybody’s lookin’ forw- oh, OK.

The Creators have had a long and tiring week (according to Crawfish).

Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS. Four new Poptropica books. And, of course, we’re still working hard to bring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory very soon to Poptropica.”

Well, Creators, it’s the end of your long and tiring week now.

“It’ll be nice to take a couple of days to relax before diving back into things on Monday. What are you planning to do with your weekend?”

Magic Star: I’m- hey. A PIRATE is asking me what I’m doing on the weekend?


Apart from that, the new Time Tangled Guide is available under the Guides section. Thanks to Samwow5.



About Magic Star

Hi. This is the profile of Magic Star, often abbreivated to MS. I blog for poptropica, but love art, writing, swimming, acro, and music. I work on my own blog (Magic Star in Poptropica), Tough Icycle's Blog, Brave Eye's Blog, Grumpy Snowball's Blog, and Poptropica Tips Blog! I don't like the Giant Spider :(
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