Crazy Bee: Residents of Poptropolis Island have reported shaking on the island in the early hours of last night. Mews Corp are tracking reports of seismic activity in the North Poptropica Sea. Initial data indicates that the tremors are based in the proximity of the Poptropolis Games. Mews Foundation seismologists are en route to the location to investigate further. At present, there is no reason to fear widespread earthquakes or further damage to the Poptropolis ruins.


Crazy Bee: Mews Foundation seismologists have verified reports of “sizable tectonic activity” taking place beneath the Poptropolis Games. “We’ve heard the stories about the island returning to the seas whence it came, but, frankly, we thought that smooth-talking emcee was just being dramatic,” said Mews Foundation spokesperson Cheerful Spinner. “However, at this time we are not confirming that the Poptropolis Games are, in fact, on the verge of sinking back into the sea.”

When asked if the Mews Foundation was denying that such an event was taking place, Spinner had no comment.

Well here we’re talking about a foundation that believes Cryptids are real, so, Crazy Bee, if you were to do your math, you’d figure out that they MIGHT believe Poptropolis Games ARE sinking into the ocean!

MS out 🙂


About Magic Star

Hi. This is the profile of Magic Star, often abbreivated to MS. I blog for poptropica, but love art, writing, swimming, acro, and music. I work on my own blog (Magic Star in Poptropica), Tough Icycle's Blog, Brave Eye's Blog, Grumpy Snowball's Blog, and Poptropica Tips Blog! I don't like the Giant Spider :(
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3 Responses to BREAKING NEWS

  1. jj says:

    Why is pop games sinking

    • Magic Star says:

      The Creators MAY have done it because of the “end of the world” this year. According to believers there’s going to be a Zombir Apocalypse or some giant earth quake.

  2. jj says:

    Is any sad about pop games

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