8 Responses to NOOOO!!!!

  1. Silver Wolf says:

    What?!?! How could this happen?! 😯

  2. Samwow5 says:

    😦 Also, MS check my blog. You are up for author on Day 1 of My Announcements. Also, ur in the lead!

  3. Yo, yo, it’s okay. It’s okay. Maybe it’s gonna be okay. But mostly it’s gonna be okay. Just keep hoping, and it’ll happen. Now I’m gonna try getting adobe flash player. It’s gonna be okay, eMeS.

  4. Shiny Singer says:

    Mine too!!!!!!!!!! And i miss my account IM SO UPSET !!!!!!! Someone helpme get it back !!!! my name is shiny singer 😦 !

    • Shiny Singer says:

      Hey guys !!!!! Im Shiny Singer again . I FOUND A SOLUTION TO MY OWN PROBLEM!!!!!!! okay so. It depends on what tab your using. If you are using Google chrome and it says that “Sorry, but it appears that your game data has been lost for this session! Please try returning to the home page and logging in again. To prevent this error from happening again, try following the steps below:

      *Below some suggestions on how to stop the error from happening again, and an option to reset game data and start again ) then USE A DIFFERENT SERVER !!!!! such as internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox! i Logged into my account like that 🙂 Your Welcome!!

  5. i got the same problem… my computer is very old… it is version 4.1.3 (4533.19.4) apple computer.. someone plz help

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