Back Lot Island Is Now Out! Kind Of…

Well, in one of the newest posts, BW said something about Black Lot Island. The movie-themed-new-island, Back Lot! You can find this here. Also, to top it all off, someone deleted the post because of the HUGE mistake! They replaced it with the post about photos… You can find here. Also, if you go to, it redirects you to Poptropica!!! Thanks, BW! (Even though you probably didn’t mean to!)


About Silver Wolf

Hiya, I'm Silver Wolf, more commonly known as SW or Wolfy. I love animals (especially cats), books (Harry Potter 🦅), drawing, writing, playing video games (Overwatch, Life is Strange, Undertale, & Elder Scrolls), and Poptropica. My favorite island on Poptropica is Mocktropica Island, and my favorite villains are Black Widow and Binary Bard.
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