Magic: the chat show EXTRA

Sorry for the long wait, guys! I haven’t even started writing the next episode yet (I know, I’m sorry) but here’s an extra that kinda sets up the next episode. You don’t necessarily have to read this before you read E6, but it sets up the story a bit more.


“Hey, it’s Magic Star, the famous producer!”

Well, what had I been expecting? I thought to myself as I was ambushed by the paparazzi. I slipped on what I hoped was a mysterious and camera-worthy smile as I attempted the back into the theatre unnoticed.

“Magic! Is it true that you yourself played a part in the movie!” “Magic Star, how about an autograph!” “Miss Star, would you be kind enough to give the Poptropica Times a quote on your amazing feature film-“

“No comment!” I yelled, finally managing to push open the doors. I quickly stepped backwards into the huge main hall, where I knew the paparazzi couldn’t follow me.

“Phew,” I let out a sigh of relief, grimacing, “I seriously need a holiday.”

After a few quick phone calls, a sleek black limo arrived out the back of the theatre. I sighed gratefully, sinking back into the leather.

“So, Magic Star.”

I jumped nearly dropping the popcorn that I was somehow still holding. In front of me, nearly camouflaging in with the seat in a dark, black suit, sat…

“Big Flyer! Um… nice to see you…”

Big Flyer look as calm, cool, and collected as usual.

“We need to talk.”

“Er, do we, I mean, I was just kinda, er, busy… y’know, giving out autographs…”

Big Flyer raised an eyebrow, “A little birdy told me you were running away from the paparazzi? Anyway, I suppose it’s irrelevant. I’m talking about the chat show, Star. The one that I produce and you host. I’m not happy with your guests, Star. Views are going down, people are treating it like a comedy show, and you haven’t interviewed the star of Young Vampires in Love yet!”

“Yes, I have!” I argued, frowning at the well-dressed producer, “or does Cool Rider not ring a bell?”

Big Flyer shut his eyes for a moment and groaned.

“Magic, do you even listen to these people? Or do you just live under a rock? Cool Rider’s in the Creator Games, not Young Vampires in Love!

I blushed.

“Anyway, I’m counting on you, Star, to bring up the ratings. Do whatever you have to do. Otherwise…”

The limo stopped. Big Flyer slid open the door, and outside I glimpsed the neon lights of the Tropical Casino.


It was one of those questions that you didn’t necessarily want the answer to, but I had to know. I was a sucker for cliff-hangers.

“The show’s cancelled, and you more-or-less lose your job.”

I gulped as the door slid shut behind the producer.


About Magic Star

Hi. This is the profile of Magic Star, often abbreivated to MS. I blog for poptropica, but love art, writing, swimming, acro, and music. I work on my own blog (Magic Star in Poptropica), Tough Icycle's Blog, Brave Eye's Blog, Grumpy Snowball's Blog, and Poptropica Tips Blog! I don't like the Giant Spider :(
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4 Responses to Magic: the chat show EXTRA

  1. Samwow5 says:

    What’s ur user MS?

  2. Hey everyone its Brave Eye here!! New acoount… i forgot my pass for the one here… LOL Still love everyone here!!
    Hayley WIlliamz No. 1 Fan out!
    PS see this blog

  3. 😯 Whoa. I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier. It… is… awesome! And I think I have a prediction on what is going to happen. 🙂

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