10,000 hits anyone? No, too painful??

That my friends, is the wrong kind of hit. We have reached 10,000 HITS / VIEWS!!!!! DUH, COME SCREAM AWESOMENESS!??!?!?!


Now, that was pretty fun. Well, I guess I should tell you guys that this is the first blog I’ve worked on that has gotten a thousand hits… EVER. Mine got 1,000 in a little less than 3 weeks, so I’m hopeful for fast hits. Please????? You’ve helped us get to 10,000 here, please help me get a few more there. (Things have been super slow lately) And please keep checking back there because I am working on a lot of updates.

Man those Creators are procrastinators!!  But, they give me a lot to blog about 😀 Please let me know what YOU think of the Creator’s procrastination?? It could be featured in Poptropica News @ 10.


About Queen Hannah

I'm probably being distracted by something shiny as you read this.
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