Cheats and Glitches :)

Magic Star’s known list of existing Poptropica cheats/glitches!!!

The cell phone:

In Nabooti Island there is a cell phone on the floor of the cave in Mountains of the Moon. And check this out! If you press certain codes you get certain costumes!

Santa Outfit: 1225

Police Outfit: 911

Brain Helmet item: 411

Nerdy Outfit (credit to Poptropica Help Blog): 1337

Changing your skin and hair color:

To change your skin color, press ctrl+shift+S

To change your hair color, press ctrl+shift+H

Holding items:

On Poptropica there are moments when you can hold things (examples are the Glow Stick and the Torch). Press ctrl+shift+S whilst holding them. It will change your skin color, but you’ll still be holding the item!

Examples include:

Torch (Zomberry)

Candle (Time Tangled)

Glow Stick (Early Poptropica)

Beard Brew (Wild West)

Lantern (Cryptids)

Fan (Game Show)

Pick Axe (Super Villian – Dr Hare’s Minecraft Dream XD)

You can also costumize your friends’ hand held items from their costume closet or photos.

Easy emotes:

To laugh, press ctrl+shift+1

To cry, press ctrl+shift+2

To get angry, press ctrl+shift+3

To jump with joy (like at the end of islands) press ctrl+shift+4

To wear a pumpkin mask, press ctrl+shift+P (Yes it really works!)


*Take care when doing this, as it resets your poptropican’s clothing. It can, however, be useful for getting handheld items such as the cell phone and the basketball 🙂



Go to Early Poptropica. Go to the part with the buildings, and go to the GREEN building. Go up to the fourth row of windows. Click on the top left corner of the window with a flower on it. You will get a Hypnotic suit! *Note: It says it’s members only, but it works for everyone!*

Dog Beard Glitch:

Credit to Samwow5

1. Go to Lunar Colony Island and click on the guard dog outside Mission Control.

2. Click on your “Friends” button immediately after clicking on the dog.

3. Immediately click on your first friend and scroll to the right until you can not see them anymore.

4. Click on the “customize” button inside the “Friends” feature and customize your “Dog Beard.”


Counterfeit Island Balloon Glitch:

Go to Counterfeit Island. Take a balloon from Bobo’s Clown Store OR use your own (eg. Birthday Balloon, Shrink Ray Balloon).

Climb onto the chains or lightbulb hanging from the ceiling – your balloon will float away!

balloon glitch

How did we find these? By exploring Poptropica of course! If you find a new glitch, post it in the comments section!


11 Responses to Cheats and Glitches :)

  1. Magic Star says:

    Magic Star’s Random Post Of The Day:

    Hey guys! Useless fact: there used to be a cheat where you could press a key and get a jetpack! Imagine… you could beat Betty Jetty before the other villians in Super Power Island… you could fly up buildings and past B.A.D agents in Spy Island… all before the creators fixed it.

  2. edalfrey says:

    press s or press crtl shft s when someone is talking and you skip what they say this is really useful i completing islands

  3. brooklyn says:

    hey!!! what is your username so i can friend you???!!!:)mine is adele1673

  4. jerry says:

    put in ctrl shift r….gets u a outfit

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