Funny Poptropica Moments

So sometimes weird things happen to me in Poptropica usually in Reality TV island: the Creators really should fix that up.

So I’m posting them here! If I’ve missed something that you thing is funny, comment and I’ll try to add it 🙂 Most of these things happen by mistake, but you never know…


Swimming without water: Magic Star is either a brilliant mine or a very confused poptropican.

Oh dear: what happened here???

Hmmm. I think someone needs glasses.

Someone’s very full of themself… (click to enlarge)

Oh dear! Something’s gone wrong here…

They must practice for hours!

It occured to me: you never actually see the poptropicans who’re eliminated off RTV…


This isn’t meant to be funny. It’s just some art I did 🙂

Moving and Customizing- Brave Eye



COMING SOON: (yes I promise SOON)

Do not blink

Mews trouble

The confused ninja


13 Responses to Funny Poptropica Moments

  1. Edalfrey says:

    wow i have alot to learn!

  2. I had a funny moment that I couldn’t get a screenshot of. I was on the ice planet from Astro Knights and I was getting on to the first iceberg. I was in midair when the knight fish hit me and was stuck in midair, freezing, looking like I was in water, and saying, “Cold! Cold! Cold!”

  3. I can’t get my screenshots to paste on to the page. Help?

    • Magic Star says:

      Are you copying and pasting? There’s a better way: click “add media”, and choose the option to browse your files. Then you can add pictures from your computer documents.
      If that’s what you’re already doing, I’m not sure what’s wrong… I suggest maybe googling it?

      • Young Flame says:

        How do you add media? because i was riding in wild west island and i wanted a balloon so i got one. it didn’t show up. when i went to another screen, i had my balloon, but it was floating the edge (kinda hard to explain. if you want to see it for yourself, just ride elmer and pick up a balloon. then go to a different screen (or ride to another town) and the balloon will be at the edge. and it will follow you if you go to a different screen!)

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