Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Walkthrough

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

I’ll be putting this on Magic Star In Poptropica, too, so if you see it there, it’s not copying.

Go to the island if you’re not there. See the blond guy? That’s Charlie. Talk to him. Go left. Get to the phones at the end. Click on the last phone. You’ll get a silver coin. So, go to your right, and Charlie will walk out. He’s not happy. Go right. Go inside the corner shop. Use the coin. Charlie will buy a Wonka bar. He’ll want you to open it, and naturally, he’ll get a golden ticket! So, some greedy people will come in and they’ll want the ticket, so walk right, and you’ll push them away. Exit the shop when Charlie leaves, triggering a mini game. Just click on everything you pass, and you’ll win! The next morning…Willy Wonka is late. A golden ticket will float down! The people will try to get it, but it’ll float away. Go left. Keep chasing the ticket until you get to this part in this building.  You’ll get the ticket. Go right. Go near the factory and go in. Trust me, it’ll let you this time, just click on the door. Talk to everyone, and you’ll see Mr. Wonka come out. He’ll be weird. Anyways, after everyone else, you can go in. Everyone except you and Charlie will run off, so Mr. Wonka and Charlie will go, but before he’ll ask for his cane. It’s on the left, so run and grab it. Run to the right and click the downward slope. The circle thing? Click chocolate and follow the arrows. When you get to the floor with a door that says chocolate room, click on the door. There’ll be a short clip of Augustus getting sucked up the pipe. Click that green wheel thing, run to the right, jump on the chocolate bar, jump up, then to the pipe, and keep going until you get to another green wheel. Then when Augustus is sucked up, the Oompa Loompas will come out and start singing. Then Augustus’ mom will follow them into the Fudge Room. (You know, I’m getting tired of typing Augustus.) Anyways, go into the fudge room. When you get in, click the green wheel. TOO many green wheels. You have to be fast. Click the blue and red buttons, which are to your left. Then jump to the left platform, and click the green button. Go down, press that little arrow facing the right, and if you have to, go and press the green button again. If you did have to, press the arrow facing the left. Then just keep going on, pressing all the buttons as you go or when you see him. It took me about, I don’t know FIFTY tries because this is not, by ANY means, easy. Kay, I finally finished. Follow them into the hallways. Woah, tube slide. Now pick the Television Room. Cool, TV! Anyways, follow the arrows, blah blah blah, enter. Short clip of…what’s his name? being sent by television. Oh, Mike’s his name. Thank you, Google. Go to the left. Talk to the Oompa Loompa and adjust the antenna so it looks like this.

Mike’s mom will come, an Oompa Loompa will take him, and his mom will freak out. Go left until you see a door with the words “Bubblegum Room.” Go inside. Is it Violet Beauregarde’s turn now? No, it’s still Mike. Talk to the Oompa Loompas. Well, the boy Oompa Loompa. You can try and stretch a guy out. *sarcasm* Well, this is my life dream. Click the blue monitor. Just keep clicking when the thing stops till he falls. His mom will talk. Then they’ll leave. Exit to the hallways. YAY. New tube slide. This time, pick the inventing room. Follow the arrows again. Go inside the Inventing Room. Jump on a platform. ANOTHER short clip. This time, it’s Violet swelling up like a blueberry.

That’s not normal…

The Oompa Loompas will take her. Oh, and yes, you CAN try gum, and it won’t make you swell up. Go to the juicing room to, as usual, save someone. OH NO! Violet’s gonna get juiced! Well, it’s what she deserves. Go right and click on the thing with the buttons. Move them until it has orange in 1, banana in 2, apple in 3, and grape(Violet) in 4. Violet will get juiced but she’ll survive, and won’t be swelled or purple. OK, I think there’s only one left to save. Veruca Salt. Which means…Nut Room! To the hallways! Do the same thing you did with the other rooms, except this time, it’s the nut room. OK, when you’re there, jump up on the conveyor belt to get a walnut. Run left and you’ll see a short clip. AGAIN. And, because you’re so nice and brave you’d fight Zeus TWICE, you jump into the trash. Jump to the high right platform. Pull the…pulley. Push the gum in front of the fan. Pull the pulley again. Go right and push the gum in front of the squirrel hole. Go right, and pull that lever. Jump down. Go down again. Go left and get the lifting drink. Push the trash can to the other squirrel hole. Then turn the other generator off. And we’re…not done. A squirrel will start the backup generator. Go up to the backup generator and use your walnut. The squirrel wants the nut and he’ll jump off, so the generator doesn’t work, and now we’re actually done. So, guess what? It takes some effort to actually LEAVE. OK, go under the pipe that says exit and use the Fizzy Lifting Drink. There! Then when you get down, the thing for the Chocolate Room is flashing, so click that. Follow the arrows, once again! And go inside. You’ll need to make a big decision, so naturally, you choose the one that helps people. So click on Willy Wonka, and say that you’re gonna save Charlie. So it’ll start a game, and just, uh, follow the directions? I can’t be much help here. When you finish, you get a medallion, you’re allowed to visit the factory whenever you want, and the best of all…A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATE!



5 Responses to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island Walkthrough

  1. Magic Star says:

    Violet Beauregarde is my FAVORITE character… 🙂

  2. double time says:

    no she aint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m confused about the “squeezing the juice out of her” thing.

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