Early Poptropica Guide (with review)

Well, it’s an old island, but yes, can be challenging to poptropica newbies!


Go to early poptropica if you’re not already there. Well, after a little bit of exploring, you’ll find out that the residents of Early Poptropica’s “old part of town” need help. Their Prize Porker, water bucket, and signal flag are missing! Oh no! So, naturally, it’s up to you to sort things out.

Enter the open manhole. You’ll arrive in a roomy cavern. Ignore the goth girl standing on the middle platform. What she has to say is… er… not very important to all you spider haters out there.

Go down to the bottom right of the cave. Ignore the big green thing you may see down there. It’s… not important… grab the Prize Porker, in the corner. Now go back up to the main road. Head right into early poptropica. Keep going right and you’ll see a well. Enter it.

On your left there should be a box. Push it off the edge and onto the green tipping platform below. Keep pushing the box to the left and off the edge of the first tipping platform onto the next.

Push it into the middle of the platform and use to it jump off and up to your left. Keep going up and eventually you’ll locate the glow stick.

Go back to the main street and go left into Poptropica Towers. Ignore the slight distraction of color changing balloons and head left. You’ll see another manhole. Enter it.

You’ll find yourself in a creepy underground maze holding your glow stick. Note: to hold the glow stick permanently, press ctrl+shift+s. It will change your skin color, but when you exit the maze you’ll still be holding the glow stick!

Go left, and then go down the rope. When you get the the bottom of the rope, go right. Ignore the first rope (going down) and keep going right until you get to another rope. NOW go down.

Go right again and down the rope next to the wall. If you go left a little you’ll see a sign “Getting Warmer”. Keep going left, ignoring the rope you’ll see, and then you’ll see your prize. A GOLDEN EGG!!!

Here’s what the creators’ have written about that egg:

Here’s what I said:

Exit the maze, if you can find the way. Climb up the Towers (bouncing on freshly washed clothes on the washing lines of course XD). Climb up the Jack and he Beanstalk style vine and you’ll find yourself in the clouds. Go right, and you’ll find yourself next to a GIANT PAIR OF LEGS!!!

It’s a giant!!! And suddenly you’re Sunday’s lunch!!! RUN!!! Actually, don’t. He’ll spare you if you give him that awesome golden egg. 😦

But this will cheer you up.

A giant garden! And the missing bucket!!!

Collect the bucket and go right. You’ll find yourself… in the wreckage of a crashed plane! Use the lift from the propellers to fly right… to the most awesome things in Poptropica!!!

Fly left and back into giant’s garden. Fly over the giant shovel and you’ll notice a sign saying EXIT. Go down and you’ll find yourself on top of the water tower… next to the signal flag!

Now take your carefully collected items back to “the old part of town” and give them back to the people. They will use the signal flag to MAGICALLY SIGNAL A NEARBY SHIP AND GET IT TO DOCK IN THREE SECONDS FLAT!!!

Talk to the guy on the ship and he will give you the island medallion. Congratulations! You’ve finished Early Poptropica Island!!!

REVIEW: by Magic Star

Being Poptropica’s first island, Early Poptropica was bound to be simple. But yet it was a great starting island for the creators’, with its share of terrifying spiders interesting creatures, and, well, fun.


One Response to Early Poptropica Guide (with review)

  1. Magic Star says:

    *shudder* Spiders…

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