Nabooti Island Guide

Nabooti Island by Magic Star


Go to Nabooti Island, if you’re not already there and struggling to complete it. Go left into the Museum.

Now go down into the ground level and walk right. You’ll see a giant creepy totem and a woman standing next to it. Talk to the woman and she’ll explain that some of the jewels are missing from the totem! Oh no!

She will also ask if you would like to help recover them. Say yes and she’ll give you a map and tell you to talk to the pilot outside.

Locate the pilot (just walk left until you see a plane) and hop right in. You’ll now be flying around on a map, similar to on your Blimp when you’re selecting an island. Fly to Blue Nile Falls, on the east coast.

When you arrive in Blue Nile Falls, use the top of the plane to make your way up the left side of the waterfall. You’ll see a purple flower. Collect it.

Now jump down to the ground and go right. Walk through the water until you come to a second cliff area. Climb to the top and there will be a woman, a fox, a chicken, and some chicken feed. Talk to her. She needs to get across the waterfall, but can’t leave the feed with the chicken or the chicken with the fox.

Yep, an unrealistic but terrible drama.

The Order:

1: Put the chicken in the basket and swing to the left side of the waterfall.

2: Go back and collect the feed, now bring the feed back to the chicken.

3: Don’t leave the feed and chicken together! Take the chicken back to the other side.

4: Swap the chicken with the fox

5: Swing to the left side and put the fox with the feed

6: Collect the chicken and swing it over.

Yay, you did it! The woman will tell you a secret as your reward. There’s a cave hidden behind a bush on the right waterfall.

Jump down to the bush and click on it. It will fade away to reveal a cave entrance. Go in.

Your goal is to jump on the thin stalagmites (first one on your right) to get to the other side. But that’s not all! Smaller stalactites will fall on you on the first and third stalagmites. Be quick, and you will make it to the other side and will be rewarded with… THE PURPLE LOST JEWEL OF NABOOTI!!!

Collect the jewel, exit the cave and go back to the plane. Travel to Mountains of the Moon.

Once you get there, start walking left. Avoid the mountain goat standing there and keep going left the past the waterfall. You’ll see another goat: jump over it and stand underneath a rocky ledge. Now let the goat whack you with its antlers and push you onto the ledge above. Go right, via the trees.

Note: Round about here there will be falling boulders. Avoid them!

You’ll see a woman standing just above the trees. Talk to her. She’ll tell you that she’s looking for cactus figs, and there’s one on the ledge she can’t get. You, being the fantastic gymnast you are, are the perfect person to get it for her. Jump up onto the round rock and it’ll be easy to get.

Go right, making sure to jump over the waterfall. Keep going right until you see a set of rocks with a goat on the middle one. Jump up, avoid the goat, and begin going left via the rocks. You’ll see a glacier thing above. Keep going left until you see the rocks beginning to get snow-capped. Use them to jump up to the glacier.

Go right and use the cliff pieces to get to the man standing above.

Click on the man. He’ll tell you that he’ll lead you into the cave if you beat him at a game of Mancala.

Club Penguin players should be familiar with this game.


The Mancala board is made up of two rows of six cups each. Three stones are placed in each of the 12 holes. Each player has a tray to the right and left sides of the Mancala board.

The game begins with one player picking up all of the pieces in any one of the holes on his side. Moving counter-clockwise, the player deposits one of the stones in each hole until the stones run out.

If you run into your own tray, you deposit one piece in it. If you run into your opponent’s tray, you skip it. If the last piece you drop is in your own store, you get a free turn. If the last piece you drop is in an empty hole on your side, you capture that piece and any pieces in the hole directly opposite.

The winner of the game is the one with the most pieces.

When you’ve won the game, enter the cave.

You’ll be in a cave similar to the one in Blue Nile Falls. This time, go directly down. You’ll see a cell phone and a skull. Collect the cell phone and jump back up to the cave entrance.

Now make your way right via the thin stone columns (a lot like Blue Nile Falls). Gosh, Creators. Not again.

This time there are no stalactites falling on you, so finding the red jewel will be pretty easy.

Go east to the Kaya Forests. Walk right until you get to the second hut. Use the vases and the hut roof to climb onto the nearest palm tree, where you’ll find a gold nugget. No, this isn’t a lost jewel of Nabooti. But you found a gold nugget!

After collecting the nugget, fly back to Nabooti. You’ve got some trading to do! Trade the blue lily with the woman in orange for a desert turban. Trade the gold nugget with the man in purple for a camera.

Hop on your plane and fly to the east coast again. Go to Safari. When you’re in Safari, head right until you reach Big Zeke.

Big Zeke is having business trouble. He needs good photos of seven different wild animals.

You’ll be in a mini game. The animals are all hiding somewhere. Every so often they’ll come out of their spots. Make sure they’re fully out in the open and the camera is centred on their face before snapping the shot.

After you’ve taken seven good photos (with one to waste) Big Zeke will give you… his old work hat. Wow, thanks buddy.

Hope on your plane and fly south to Diamond Mines. Make your way over the giant pile of dirt to your right and walk right until you reach an area with an electrified fence. Put on your hard hat to pass.

Go right, past the big gate until you see a control terminal.

Turn the switch and quickly run left. Use the big pile of dirt to jump onto the slanted beam. Run up the beam and jump down through the gap onto a grassy ledge. Keep running right until you get to a section of broken wire. Enter through it.

Jump down from the wire and go left. You’ll see some mine cart (not the Minecraft kind) tracks. Make your way up them, avoiding the carts as you go. My advice is to wait underneath the part where the two tracks almost meet. When you see a cart coming above, quickly jump up and you’ll escape unharmed.

When you get to the top, you’ll see an elevator that’s lifting the carts. Hop into it and go down.

You’ll be in a mine cave. To your right, there will be a broken switch with sparks coming out of it.

Push the green button to stop the sparks coming out. To your right, there will be a barrel marked flammable. Push it to the right until a large rock gets in your way. Grrr! Well, that rock soon won’t be a rock anymore!

Go back to the elevator and push the green button again. The sparks will set the oil from the barrel alight and blow up the large rock.

Once the rock is blown up, turn off the button and you’ll see that someone’s replaced the barrel to the left of the elevator. That was fast! Push it to the right again until it’s next to a rock wall. Use the same technique as before to blow up the rock wall and reveal the entrance to another cave.


Enter the new cavern and go right. You’ll see a red mine cart. Push it to your right and you’ll automatically jump on to start a mini game that’s a lot like Cart Surfer from Club Penguin…

Basically, you’re on a rollercoaster-like set of mine tracks. When the tracks come close to the ceiling, duck. When you dip down and come to a stalagmite, jump over it. Gosh. I wouldn’t hire whoever designed these tracks.

After you’ve passed the mini game, you’ll end up in a small cave. Jump up the strange wooden platforms and click on the small pile of dirt with the jewels in it.

One of the jewels is a Lost Jewel of Nabooti, but it can only be recognised by a tiny inscription. Use a magnifying glass to find the inscription.

If you can’t be bothered to find it with a magnifying glass, it’s this one:

Focus the magnifying glass on the jewel and take it. Yay! You’ve got the white jewel!

Climb up the rope in front of you to find yourself standing… right next to the plane! How did that happen? O.o

Fly north to Giza. Be sure to put on your desert turban – there are tomb raiders around.

Go right and talk to the first tomb raider. He’ll give you a shovel. And on the side of the shovel is a phone number. Vince Graves: 555-6789.

Go right and talk to a guy in a safari outfit. He’s Vince. He’ll tell you that the tomb door is sealed shut, and he thinks there’s a valuable jewel inside!

If you try and walk past him to see what’s inside his bag, he’ll tell you to get back to work. Hmmm…

Walk away from the tent and, using your cell phone, call Vince on 555-6789. Vince will go inside the tent to look for his phone, leaving the tomb raiders free to make a run for it – and you to look inside Vince’s bag. You’ll find a Moonstone inside.

Jump to the top of the tomb and put the Moonstone inside the ring at the top. It will open the tomb door.

Once you’re inside the tomb, go all the way to the right until you reach an opening. There will be a stone thing on the wall next to it. Move the lines around until they form a straight platform.

Make sure you jump up, like in this picture:

Make your way to the right side of the room and exit the room.

In the next room, jump up the small platforms and go left until you get to a mini game. You have to arrange the blocks on a ledge in front of the picture below so the two match.

After you do, a door will slide open and you can jump through.

Make your way to the next chamber, but don’t jump on anything. Some of the block will fall away! Only one block on each row is solid. The order is in the hallway below, but here’s the order:

  1. Jump on the block with a person.
  2. Jump on the block with an upturn boat and a jagged line.
  3. Jump on the block with a bird and a staff.
  4. Jump on the block with an eye and a boat

Go up and enter a room with four columns. In the middle of the room there is a stone drawing on the wall showing what switches to press in what order. The switches can be found on the four columns.

The column closest to the left end of the room is column one. The column closest to the right end of the room is column four.

The order of the switches is: four, two, three, one.

One you click the switches, a terracotta animal will fall into the hand of one of the large statues, causing sand to rise. Click the switches quickly before the room fills up!

After you’ve finished the order, the mummy’s sarcophagus will slide open, revealing a blue jewel inside.

Now fly south until you get to the Kaya Forests again. Walk right until you see a tortoise/turtle shell. Use the Opuntia Fruit and the turtle/tortoise will wake up and eat it.

Go to the spot where the turtle/tortoise was before and dig with your shovel. You’ll get an Ebony Elephant.

Suddenly two spirits will materialize. They will tell you that, long ago, a thief stole the sacred fingo that guarded their village.

Hop in the plane and fly back to Nabooti. Trade the woman in blue the ebony elephant in exchange for… the fingo!

Fly back to Kaya Forests and give them the fingo. They will reward you with the green jewel!

So now you’ve got all the jewels! Congratulations!

Go back to the Museum in Nabooti. Walk down to the totem and give the woman the jewels. They now need to be placed in the correct order. Here we go again…

The clues are:

Red is one space below green

Green is three spaces from blue

White cannot be next to purple

Blue is next to white

Purple is two spaces from red


The order:









Well, you’ve placed them in the correct order. Time to collect your medallion and go ho-


It turns out the totem is of alien origin! It can return home now you have replaced its jewels.

Congratulations! You have finished Nabooti Island!



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