Shark Tooth Island Guide (with review)

Go to Shark Tooth Island (if you’re not already there!)

Go right. There will be a guy selling shark fins. You don’t have to get one of these horrible things (I didn’t. In fact, I wouldn’t be seen dead in one) because it doesn’t really make a difference.

Go right again, and you’ll see a man standing outside this random giant coconut Coconut Cafe. Talk to him and he’ll give you some coconut milk! Yummy. You’d better save this for later though!

Keep going right, past the ancient ruins, dodging falling coconuts if you have to. Stop going right once you hit the Booga Beach. Talk to the guy selling grass skirts and he’ll give you a grass skirt. There’ll also be a crying woman on the beach. She tells you that her son is stuck out on a desert island that is guarded by the Great Booga Shark! Oh no!

So now it’s up to you to save the day, naturally.

Go left and you’ll see a big stone brick. Push it under the giant palm tree and climb up the vine above. Hop onto the first wooden platform and then the second wooden platform above it. Now jump to the left and land on the top of the Temple. Move left until you see a piece of paper lying on it. Pick it up.

Now jump off the top of the Temple and go into the blackness. Make your way to the bottom left of the temple entrance by jumping on the sliding and swinging platforms. Avoid the purple things (they’re bats and they will knock you from the platforms).

Once you’re in the next room, jump up to the top left, and you’ll see a shark-ish sculpture on the wall with hieroglyphics on its teeth. Key in the symbols that spell “open”…

And the door will slide open and you can pass into the temple dungeon. Go to the yellow shark statue in the middle of the room. There’s a huge green caterpillar sliding around it. (The Creators once removed this caterpillar, thinking that it made ST too hard, but they brought it back about a month afterwards.)

Follow the caterpillar up the statue and jump up onto the swinging platform. Now jump down to the bottom left corner, and you’ll see a pile of bones. Collect the bone that’s there and go back to the statue.

Make your way back to the top left of the room and into the temple treasure room. Climb down the green vine. In the bottom left corner you’ll find a Secret Ingredient. Collect it and exit the temple.

Now go to the ancient ruins and push the square brick underneath the palm tree. Use it to jump onto the green vine hanging down.

Use the vines and platforms to climb up the tree to the very top. You’ll see medicine man standing there next to a cauldron.

Put on your grass skirt so he will think you’re a native islander and talk to him. He will make a potion for you that makes the Great Booga Shark fall asleep.

So now it’s time to rescue the woman’s son! Go to Booga Bay and swim across to the first island you see. Click on the canon next to a sign that says “feed the shark”. Fire the coconut filled with sleeping potion anywhere. Booga will eat it and fall asleep instantly.

Now swim across to the second island! You’ll find the son and Dr Hammerhead stuck on the island. Lead them back to the beach to finish the island.

Congratulations! You’ve finished….



Although Shark Tooth Island was the second island ever released, you have to admit it could be improved a bit. When I was new to Poptropica, way back when (sorry I had to use those three words) I found it hard to even figure out what the goal of the island was. There are a lot of hard-to-find places in this island – it took me ages to figure out where medicine man was.

Apart from that, it was fun and the actual island design, as always, was fantastic. I liked the fact that they made the shark fall asleep instead of killing it. Nice one, Creators.

I rate it…

Plot: 4 / 5

Artwork: 5/5

Clarity (easy to understand what to do at the beginning: 3/5

Total score: 12 / 15


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