Spy Island Guide

Spy Island Guide by Magic Star

Go to Spy Island, if you couldn’t be bothered to before starting to read this guide. When you jump down from your blimp, you’ll see a woman in a spy outfit. She’ll tell you someone called Director D is waiting for you inside Headquarters (called HQ in this guide).

Enter HQ and go right to the top. Speak to a guy with gray hair and a white suit (Director D).

Director D will tell you that his three top spies have been captured by B.A.D and have important information on them. B.A.D is the Bald And Dangerous association. They’re up to some bad… and you’ve got the stop it!

If you ask Director D if he has anything for you, he’ll give you a Decoder Kit. The kit is not necessary for completing Spy Island, but you can collect it if you wish.

Dr Eyeglass

Exit HQ and go right along the street to Dr Eyeglass’s shop. Find him at the far left end and ask for an eye exam. When he points to a letter, make sure you select the opposite shape.

After you’ve done that, he’ll recognise you as an agent and tell you to meet him upstairs. Exit the shop and go left a little until you see a black cat.

There’s a ladder near the cat. Climb up it and enter through the door above.

Talk to Dr Eyeglass and he’ll give you a Chameleon Suit.


Satellite Clue One / agent number one:

Exit Spyglass’s laboratory and jump down onto the main street. Walk left and go into the docks.

Put on your Chameleon Suit or B.A.D agents will spot you! Remember, if you stand still you blend into your surroundings. If you do not stand still, B.A.D agents can see you!

There’s an agent hiding in a dustbin who will give you a message. It translates as:

There’s a secret entrance to the warehouse on the roof.

Go left and jump onto the first wooden platform (that slopes a bit). Hop onto a crate nearby. From here you’ll be able to see when the coast is clear to jump onto the next platform.

From here, you can make your way up onto the right roof.  Go left along the roof and prepare for some B.A.D agents!

Jump off the side of the roof carefully and don’t move when you land. There will be three B.A.D agents guarding the secret entrance. Sneak past them and enter.

You’ll be inside the warehouse. Unfortunately, this area is guarded by dogs!

Follow the dogs along the corridors and quickly stop when they reach the end and turn around. Let them walk past you before jumping down into the next corridor.

After you’ve passed the dogs, you’ll be nearly at the bottom of the warehouse.

Use the wooden platforms to make your way over to the left side of the warehouse. Make sure you don’t falls: there’s a B.A.D agent at the bottom!

Once you get to the left side, fall down into the room and untie the first agent. He will give you a laser pen and a satellite clue. He’ll also take care of the door guard!


The Fingerprint:

Exit the warehouse and leave the docks. Walk right through the main street and into Balding Avenue.

There will be an agent hiding in the bushes. He will tell you he has uncovered a secret about the Bistro.

The message decodes as this:

There’s a top B.A.D agent in the Bistro. To gain access to the B.A.D control centre, you’ll need his fingerprint.

So now we’ll get his fingerprint!

Go right and enter the B.A.D Bistro. Gosh, that isn’t very… secret agent-y.

Go right and you’ll actually see the top B.A.D agent.

He, his guards, and the woman he’s talking to all refuse to speak to anyone but the chef.

Go right into the kitchen and ask the chef there if you can apply for a job. There’s just one test you’ll need to pass – a memory test! You have to remember the order of the ingredients the chef taps.

After you’ve passed the test, you get a chef hat. Go back to the B.A.D agent’s table and talk to him to get his glass. Go back to the kitchen. But instead of refilling it, you’ve gotta get outta there!

Note: if you press ctrl+shift+S whilst holding the wine glass, you can hold it permanently! This does change your skin color though.

Jump on the top of the fridge and then on the shelf with a packet of spaghetti on it. Above there’ll be a vent. Escape through it and jump down onto the light to your left.

Jump to the very end of the room using the lights and exit the Bistro.


Satellite Clue Two / agent number two:

Go right along Balding Avenue and you’ll see another agent hiding in the bushes. Talk to him and he’ll give you File X, which contains an important message about Director D.

Go right to Toupee Terrace. On the wall is an important clue about File X. Examine File X and read the first letter of each line downwards. It says “Don’t trust Director D”. Ooh! A question of trust?

The doors and windows of the terrace are electrified, so be careful. Make your way to the right side of the terrace, and carefully jump to the top of the roof without getting hit by the zappers. This may be hard at first, but once you get the pattern of the zappers it’s quite simple.

Once you get to the roof, use your laser pen to melt the bars and enter the attic.

Inside, there will be boxes with stuff like “toys” “brushes” “shampoo formulas” and “evil schemes”. Ooh! Evil schemes! Go left and untie the agent lying on the ground.

The agent will give you a Satellite Clue and a grapping bowtie.

Satellite Clue Three/ agent number three:

Exit the attic and go back to Balding Avenue. Use the streetlight near the hidden agent to go onto the roof of Grease Monkey. Put on your Grappling Bowtie and use it to grapple up the windows of the brown building. Once you’re at the top of the brown building, climb up the metal beams to the Rooftops.

Go left a little to the edge of the roof. Jump down to the left like in the picture below:

You’ll be on the side of a gray building. Go to the left edge of the gray building and grapple in the direction of the top left corner. If you’re successful, you’ll land on a rooftop with an antenna.

Now grapple the antenna on the building to your right. Once you’re on the building, go right and enter via a metal tube thingy.

Take off your bowtie and go to the far right, where you’ll see a Cherry Bomb Tree.

 Click on the purple Cherry Bomb and push it to the right on top of the green-flower plant. It will boost the Cherry Bomb onto the platform above.

Quickly use the other green-flower plant (near the flytraps) to boost yourself onto the hanging flowers. Use the hanging flowers to jump onto the platform with the Cherry Bomb.

Push the cherry bomb off the edge and onto the platform with the flytraps. Push it a little to the left and use the green-flower plant to get it onto the top platform. Make your way onto the same platform via the green-flower plant and the hanging flowers.

When you reach the Cherry Bomb, push it to the left in front of the cage where the captured agent is being held. Wait until it explodes to open the cage.

Talk to the agent and she will give you the third Satellite Clue and a pair of Ultra Vision Goggles.

B.A.D control centre:

Go back to Toupee Terrace. This time, go all the way to the far right until you see a fence of barbed wire and a sign saying Keep Out. Well, any normal poptropican would follow the advice. But unfortunately, you’re going to have to ignore the sign.

Enter through the hole in the wire and put on your Ultra-Vision Goggles. Straight away you’ll see some lasers. Uh oh. Wait until they turn off and quickly run through.

After you’ve gotten through these lasers, move to the right and then up the sloped roof above. Make your way up to the Control Centre entrance, dodging lasers and using the sliding platforms. You will also need your grappling bowtie for this part.

Once you get to the door use the glass you got from the Bistro (with the B.A.D agent’s fingerprint) to gain access to the Control Centre.

Once you’re inside, go right and use the gray platforms to get to a teleport. There are red lasers in between the platforms, but they follow a certain pattern. If you jump at the right time, this should be easy.

Once you reach the top, click on the computer thing… but OH NO! You’ve set off the security system! Luckily, Director D will come along and save you. But now you need to get the teleporter working!

To find out the passcodes, all you need to do is put the Satellite Clues together like this:

Key in Laser Hair Removal and the teleporter will be online! Director D will be very happy…


The final showdown:

Use the teleport… and receive the biggest shock of your life!


And bald!!!

He’s back in control of his satellite, and will vaporise the hair of everyone in Poptropica!!! OH NO!!!

At this point, Director D will enter his satellite and Mini Bots will start to attack you. To destroy them, lure them towards the golden orbs in the corners of the room. When they make contact, they will destroy themselves and the orbs!

Use your grappling bowtie to reach the top orbs!

After you’ve destroyed the mini bots, Director D will get angry.

He will take off and attempt to vaporise your hair!!!

Quickly make your way to the top platforms (if you’re not already on one). When Director D gets near you, jump towards the ceiling, and the machine will crash into the ceiling. Four crashes and…

After Director D has surrendered, you will be back at HQ (and him imprisoned) where you will be rewarded with a medallion!



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