Super Villain Island Walkthrough

Super Villain Island Walkthrough


Wow. Come to this Island. The people are so… depressing.

Go up the tower and on the left you’ll see the control room. Enter it.

You’ll see this woman talking to the man on the screen. He’s Dr. Jupiter. The woman tells you that Dr Jupiter is trying to convince her to send workers from her rig to Erewhon Prison. Last time they didn’t come back.

*note* E-R-E-H-W-O-N  opposite N-O-W-H-E-R-E

She’s sending you to Erehwon Prison and a chopper is waiting outside. Enter it.


Later, you see that there’s a storm and you need to jump.

And after trying to make him understand that you can’t possibly jump, he still doesn’t understand. So you have to jump. And he also gives you a walkie talkie.

*note* When you are outside of the Erewhon Prison, use the Walkie Talkie to go back to the blimp.

Move your mouse to make your character move. Avoid obstacles such as clouds. Watch out for thunder. They shine a bit before they strike so you have a chance to move.

Once again- Jump?!

You’ll end up in the sea at last.


Enter the creepy looking Prison.

Sweet cameras. Lol.

Talk to the security guard, who explains more about the Prison.

The Security Guard tries to turn you around but hey, we’ve fought Black Widow, Gretchen Grimlock, Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, Speeding Spike,etc., etc, etc..

Talk to the second security guard who is by the security stuff. After talking to him, you’ll be entering the security check thing where the following things happen to your poptropican.

Now after this go up the elevator to Jupiter’s lab. As you go up, you can watch and click the villains.

As you finally go reach the top, you need to go talk to Dr. Jupiter. So go! He’s the man witha beard and glasses. Click on him and he will explain more about your quest.

After his ‘xplanation, go into Cap’n Crawfish’s dream first.


Your in a ship or boat or whatever. So umm, just try not to wake up the ‘sleeping freaking-me-out pirates’. Kay?

Jump on the lantern to the left and head towards the cabinet on top of the platform above the door. Go to the lantern to the right, and drop down when the double decker bed is away from you. Jump onto the next lantern, being careful not to startle the pirate sleeping on the chair and drop down. The ship in the bottle will be important later, but you need to shrink yourself in order to get to it when the time comes.

Jump over the pirate in the bed and you’ll end up by a chest. Click on it to open it. You’ll recieve a stopwatch, which is probably not imp. here.Jump up to the lantern to the right of the chest and wait for the cabinent carrying a green key to open. Jump when it does. Be careful not to land on the pirate sleeping in a chair. Jump over the pirate in the chair and onto the lantern. From there, jump over the pirate, go to the left, and go up. Jump over another pirate in a chair and to the lantern next to him. Go to the green-colored chest and open it. You’ll recieve some dandy turpentine, a paint thinner. I might yawn in this dream already. Now wake up.



Go to Dr. Hare’s dream. Great, now in a rabbit’s dream?

You’ll see that.. umm.. you’re in an anthill or Minecraft or whatever type place and Dr. Hare… the pic explains it all…

Yes, Dr Hare. This dream it is. Next time you return, I’ll just setup some giant ants, ‘kay?

You’ll find yourself with a pickaxe in your hand. Now, click on it to create a crack. Click on it a couple of times to break it.

Now get down as far as you can. Now remember, you can’t break silver blocks with this pickaxe. So go around them. If you want, you can go around the RED ants too, NOT the BLUE ants. That would create problems only when they get to you.

Get as far down as you can and keep on going till you see a spray can.

After that, wake up.


Go to Black Widow’s dream.

You’ll end up in a museum filled with webs and graffiti. Great, first in a ship with sleeping frozen pirates, then a ‘doctor’ who planned to overthrow the world carried by ants, now this?!? Just… carry on.

You’ll see the Widow standing in front of her own portrait.

Well, that self-portrait is pretty good. But the goal is not to admire her art. Click use on the turpentine, and you’ll pour it into the spray thing, and then equip the sprayer.

The Widow get angry when she sees you have the sprayer and ‘summons’ the spiders to attack you.

Enter the first painting on the left, the Three Musicians painted by Picasso.

Before you do any cleaning up, go over to the top left corner. You’ll see a shrinking potion. You’ll need this later. Go around the paintings and click repeatedly at the letters to erase them. You know when you’ve finished when you say it’s all clean. Exit the painting the way you came in.

Move to the right past Black Widow and enter the Starry Night painting. There’s an item hidden here too. Go to the top right corner and you’ll see a key. Grab it, you’ll need it later. Just like before, erase the letters. Some places are harder to reach than others, but there definitely is a way to get to them. Like before, you’ll say when the painting is all clean. Exit through the shining star.

Go to the painting, Lilies. No items here so look for letters only and hourglasses too.

Now that you’ve pretty much ruined her “masterpieces”, she’ll get pretty enraged. Now, SHE’LL start attacking you along with the spiders. You need to get rid of that self-portrait. Any time you can, click on the portrait to start erasing it. It’s going to take some time, but be careful, because Black Widow is hot on your tracks. When you’ve clicked the painting enough times, dream Black Widow will disappear and you’ll get your first totem: a paintbrush! You’ll be transported out of the dream.


Go to Binary Bard’s dream.

So yeah, you’ll see, MORDRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

Use the stopwatch and press the space bar when the door is open so you and Mordred can pass through.

Later in the next room, as you keep coming on, you realize that the doors are a timeline of Mordred’s AKA Binary Bard’s life.

Doing the same thing you did with the first door, enter the next room. The door will lock behind you again, and out of the blueprints, a giant evil Merlin will appear. He’ll try and attack you while you try to get to the next room like picking you up and taking you back.

Being careful of Evil Merlin, use the stopwatch to get to the next room again. A giant evil robot mouse will emerge from the blueprint. Jump over him and get to the edge. There’s a ledge. When the mouse comes over to you, freeze time and jump on top of the mouse to get to the ledge.

Once you get over, you see this.

Enter through the vault thing.

You’re in an area that’s like a combination of the Ice, Fire, and Mechanical Jungle Planets. See those spikey things flying over your head? Sure they’re like this?

The idea behind this room is straightforward: spiky plants fly across the room either horizontally or vertically.  One side of the plant has spikes and the other side is a platform.  Using your amazing stopwatch, you need to navigate through the room, slowing down time when the plants are platform-side up. Most of them are straightforward.  Slow time, jump onto the platform, work your way to the right side of the room.

At the far right there are three stacked plant platforms.  You need to slow the bottom platform when it is as far right as possible.  This will create a three platform stair that  you can jump up.  Jump quickly, because the stopwatch time will run out soon after you get to the top.

Next head left across the room using the same method.  When you see the Diamond Drill, pick it up.  You’ll be using that back in Dr. Hare’s nightmare. Continue left until you reach the round crystal vault door looking like this.

Use the crystal key you found in the painting Three Musicians in Black Widow’s dream to get inside.

When you’ll enter, you’ll see…

This baby, this. Now to get this totem, its easy. When the hands are at either 3,6,9 or 12, stop time using the stopwatch. And Binary Bard’s physical health and mental health will just fall to pieces.

Lol. Well after the first shock, ‘he’ll’ go anti-clock-wise and after the second ‘he’ will go normal. So I guess its safe to say that after the third shock, the glass breaks down and he’ll…

Well you’ll get the totem.


Back to the Crawfish’s dream. Now avoid the pirates and go to ship-in-the-bottle on the top right corner Drink the Shrinking Potion and go inside.

There are two cannons swaying back and forth on the mast of the ship.  Maneuver to the middle of the room, then jump up to the first cannon when the pirate is moving away from you.  Quickly follow him across the mast.  When the cannon goes into the basket, click on the door.  It will close the basket and lock the pirate and cannon in.  Next jump up to the left of the topmost cannon.  Again, when the cannon moves away from you, run after it and click on the basket door when the cannon is inside.

Now that both of the top cannons are secured, head down to the bottom of the room.  You’ll need to jump over the pirate in the middle of the room again to get there.  Wait for that middle pirate to be moving away from you, then fire the bottom-most cannon by clicking on it.  The cannonball will crack the glass and you’ll spill out along with Captain Crawfish’s totem.


Now for Dr. Hare’s. Go to his dream. With my previous explanation, it should be pretty clear now. But this time on, don’t use the pickaxe. Use the Diamond Drill and with this, you can break the silver blocks. Go to Dr. Hare who is almost at the end at the last third level. Use the Drill to break open the blocks and get the totem! Yay! Lets go back to Dr. Jupiter.


Now as you go, I might tell you that he is, in fact,our mighty ol’…


After you and the returning four end up in the oceans, the returning four swim off in different directions. Guys! Noooo! Not this time! This time I need help!

Swim to the left. All of a sudden, the area will start shaking and ground will appear from below you. It’s Poseidon  He sighs that he’s noticed that his brother, Zeus is up to his old tricks again. Talk to Poseidon and he’ll give you his trident for you to fight Zeus with. Atleast someone is going to help me…

Well, its time to end this.



The battle

If you’ve completed Mythology Island, you should have a little more skill in defeating Zeus.

Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder, to whom the heaven fall, is using pink clouds to fight recover from the attacks of a ‘mortal’? That’s just weird.

Zeus has a few attacks up on his sleeve. But remember that to first destroy the totems. It is best you destroy Binary Bard’s totem the Cap’n Crawfish’s then the rest. Remember, that first destroy 1 totem completely before starting the other, if you don’t Zeus will heal the cracked totem.

Now about his attacks.

He can attack you with the thunder and that is his main attack. He can also use the meteor shower. He can’t use this attack when you destroy his totem. From Cap’n Crawfish’s totem he gained the air cannon power. Again, he can’t use this attack when his totem is completely broken. Sometimes after you have completely broken down 1, 2 or totems, you can collect pink clouds.

Now after breaking down all the totems, attack him! When no pink clouds are left with him, he’ll say that he is the God Of Thunder. He doesn’t need these ‘powers’ to help him and he will go into the statue and possess it. So many weird stuff on this island.

I stayed on the right side of the statue the whole time so he couldn’t hit me with the lasers. Also shoot at his eyes whenever you have the chance.

Soon, he’ll give up and he’ll say that he was so close…

Anyways, congrats! You have defeated Zeus and earned the medallion!


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  1. Magic Star says:

    Great! I have been trying for AGES to get through Dr Hare’s dream. It’s so hard!

  2. Edalfrey says:

    on the helicopter it says Z-E-U-Z

  3. Edalfrey says:

    never want go on that helicopter am right huh huh huh ?

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