Wild West Island Guide

If you’re not already on Wild West Island, fly there (that’s what your shiny yellow blimp is for!). Go right and talk to this girl-

the tired horse

After remarking that her horse looks exhausted, she’ll explain that she’s been riding for days. After poking your nose into business that doesn’t concern you questioning her, you’ll be told that she’s got a letter for the “legendary” Marshal Flint Taylor. But of course, you won’t get very far without a steed of your own.

Now go right again and talk to this guy –

Some advice about Mustachio

He’ll tell you about the terrible Mustachio Grande and his gang. They’re so terrible that when you generously ask if there’s anything you can do, the guy will tell you to simply stay away from them.

Go further right to a place named Rusty’s Ranch. A cowboy will be trying to calm a frightened horse.

You foolishly bet you can tame him, and suddenly find yourself on the horse’s back. Elmer’s yours if you can stay upright in the saddle. Keep yourself upright by moving the cursor side to side. Make sure to keep your cursor over the white target.

This is a very simple minigame. You probably won’t have much trouble.

After the “YEEHAWYOUWON!” sign, you’ll get Elmer and a silver whistle for when you two get separated.

Ride Elmer back to the tired woman and her horse. Now you’ve got a steed, you can deliver the letter – right?

Six seconds later, you’re in possession of a letter to the Marshal (“I wonder what it says”)

Leave Dusty Gulch simply by riding to the end the street near the sign and clicking “Leave Town” ***

Diamond Plains is west of Dusty Gulch, but if you can’t be bothered navigating yourself, there’s a map in the top right corner.

Go to Diamond Plains by clicking one of the yellow star thingies.

Once you’re in Diamond Plains, talk to the woman in green. She’ll give you some good advice – not to ask questions. She’ll also tell you the truth about Marshal Flint Taylor (he drowns his sorrows all day drinking root beer).

Keep going right until you hit the saloon. Go inside. The first thing you’ll notice are two men, one snoozing, the other drunk. Walk left, and there’ll be two other costumers playing… spit ‘n time?

Click on them to ask them if they could help you find Marshal Flint Taylor. Underestimating you, they decide that if you win, they will tell you where to find “this Marshal of yours”.

To win, aim your gum with the arrow, making sure the dotted line ends at the spittoon. Click and hold at the same time to build up your spit strength. You have to land more shots in the spittoon than your opponent.

Spit 'n Time

This can be pretty hard at first (it took me three tries).

After the YEEHAWYOUWON sign, they’ll tell you that Marshal Taylor is the poptropican snoring like a steam train. After waking him up, he’ll be unable to read the letter, so you have to do it for him:

Help, Marshal!

Basically, the manager of Mc Gready’s bank is in trouble. Mustachio and co. are planning a heist. But Marshal Taylor can’t help them. He’ll give you his badge… and tell you to do what he couldn’t; take down Mustachio and his gang.

Ride Elmer back to Dusty Gulch and put on your badge. Talk to the man at the Photo Portraits van.

To take the photo, you have to hold the camera still (which is pretty easy – even if you wobble it a bit). You’ll get a beautiful portrait of yourself.

the beautiful portrait

Ride back to Diamond Plains and enter the Marshal building. Give the man inside your portrait and show him your badge. He’ll give you a peashooter. Then suddenly… oh no there’s a jail break! Mustachio and crew have burst through the wall!

Well… as you’re the new marshal, it’s up to you to chase the gang!

The Chase

Unfortunately, they’ll go through a tunnel, and you’ll lose them.

Ride to Dos Cactos, which is south of Dusty Gulch. Everyone will be hyped up about some shooting contest. Despite the fact that you’ve never even shot a gun before, you decide to join.

The rules are simple – get as many shots as you can, reload when you’ve run out of ammunition, and beat your opponent.

Shoot a bit above the target, and basically ignore your opponent. You’ll face the Rough and Tumble Rancher, the Young Kid, the Gunslinger, the Old Gunslinger, and Miss Annie Oakley.

After winning, Miss Annie Oakley will give you a spud gun that shoots potato spuds. Yay!

Go up the hill to the casino. Make your way to the top floor. Talk to this guy-

gambler dude

And he’ll ask you to play a game of Slap Jack. You and your opponents will take turns placing cards on the centre pile. When you see a Jack, slap the pile first! You’ll get to keep all the cards. Slap any other card and lose one card of your own. And beware of other players with a Jack tricking you by not placing the Jack properly on the pile.

Slap Jack

Win spectacularly to them and cheer as you see the YEEHAWYOUWON sign.

The guy won’t be able to afford to pay up, but he’ll give you a map that leads to… gold?

Leave Dos Cactos and go to Rock Ride. Talk to the cowgirl with orange hair, and she’ll tell you that one of her calves has run off into the desert. Oh no!

Go into the desert after getting a lasso and follow the prints in the sand. You’ll end up near a dead tree on the edge of Dos Cactos… and there should be a little calf nearby!

the calf

Go directly behind it and press the Spacebar to throw your Lasso. Guide it back to the Ranch in the bottom left corner of the map and go back to Rock Ridge. You’ll be given an old saddle in return. Nice!

Ride back to Dusty Gulch and go to the Trading Post. Trade the saddle for a gold pan. Leave town and ride east (or to the right) to the new star that’s there. Once you get to the star, click examine and a sign will come up. You’ll be able to pan for gold by clicking an area in the water and shaking the pan. The glittering spots will give you better odds of finding a gold nugget.

a gold nugget!

Yay! My second gold nugget in Poptropica!

Once you’ve found the nugget, go back to the Trading Post and trade your gold pan for an oil can. Ride to Diamond Plains and go to the clock tower. There’s an entrance near the red haired guy, who will warn you to be careful if you’re going to the top. Go inside anyway and go to the top. In the top left corner there’ll be a gold clock. Oil it with an oil can and a mini game will pop up.

You only have a little bit of oil, so you have to choose the right gears to oil to make the clock work again. Oil them so they are pale yellow like in the picture below.

the gears

The clock should be working and a train is pulling into the station!

Now ride to Rock Ridge and talk to R.J Earl. Talk to him and give to the gold nugget, and his reaction will change from this…

Scram, Kid

To this…

Nice doing buisiness with you, friend.

Ha ha. Ride back to Diamond Plains and go to the train station. Ride the train to Dos Cactos.

Suddenly, a sign will pop up. Go away sign! I want to ride the- oh. The train’s being robbed. Shoot the bandits to scare them off, and don’t let them get to the front of the train. You can use the Concentration Carbonate to slow everything down. Don’t get shot yourself!

This took me ages (partly because my computer just can’t move that fast) but you have to keep trying. After preventing Mustachio and co. from getting to the front of the train, you’ll arrive in Dos Cactos.

Now, you might’ve seen these people around Wild West:

bobble head dude

the woman with the beard

Light as a feather he's the invisible poptropican!

Next to the train station in Dos Cactos, there’s a boy with a huge head. He wants a tulip. Ride to Rock Ridge on the train and find the old mine (there’s a yellow canary sitting there).

Click on the Canary to shoot it and it’ll lose its keys. Grab them, go left, and unlock the door to the mine. Now go right, and rocks will drop. Go further right, jump on the mine cart, and relive Nabooti Island! Basically, you have to shoot at the signs that appear on track. Flip them to avoid the dead ends! Once it’s over, find the blue tulip and collect it.

Always in the middle of drama, you’ll quickly find yourself in a cave-in! The screen will, fade, and you’ll somehow be next to a rope. Climb up it, past the random cow, and emerge into daylight!

Your freedom won’t last long. At the bank, some guy is crying like Baby Peach. Why? You’ve failed!!! Mustachio and his gang have taken the money on an extended borrow!

Above the guy, however, if half of… could it be… a map to Mustachio’s hideout?

Go back to Dos Cactos, and find the boy with the huge head. Give him the Tulip and he’ll give you “some scrap” he found… which is the second half of the map to Mustachio’s hideout. There’s a new star on your map!

Mustachio's Hideout

Ride Elmer to the new star, where you’ll arrive to see some of Mustachio’s gang. Despite the loud nose of Elmer’s hoofs, they will “think” they heard something. You’ll quickly figure out that you can’t let them see you. Use the Transparency Tonic to sneak past them and enter the cabin.

Time for the Final Shootout! You will have to get rid of everyone except Mustachio. Make sure not to get shot.

Shoot at the money bags above the girl in purple (who you may have played Slap-Jack against!). They’ll spill – now shoot at her using Concentration Carbohydrate.

Shoot at the candle for the guy in blue, next to Mustachio. The rope will catch on fire – quickly use Concentration Carbohydrate to shoot him.

For the guy with the red beard, shoot the gun lying under the creepy skull, and, again, use CC to shoot him.

To get Sombrero Guy, shoot at the wheel, next to the fireplace. Now shoot the guy with your Spud Gun and the CC. Yay! But it’s not over yet!

Mustachio will make a break for it. Run after him, lasso him, and take him to the “Marhsall” place in Diamond Plains 😉 The guy inside will give you your credits and medallion. Congratulations! You’ve completed Wild West Island!

Phew! That took a while! But WW is one of my personal favorite islands.

***I only included this because it’s the kind of obvious mistake I tend to make 😉


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