Forgotten Tales- Ghost

Hey… Brave Eye here. This is my first story… Hope you like it…

Forgotten Tales ~ Ghosts

“What humans often don’t know is the topic of ghosts. They say that when a dead human spirit cannot find peace, they turn into ghosts, unable to go to heaven or hell. But for me, Electric Walker, the case is different.

I turned into a ghost because most of the time I was neglected, evil thoughts bubbled up inside me and I began to treat myself as a ghost. Soon, I don’t know how, my thoughts started to change who I was completely, and that’s how I turned from human to ghost.

There are three realms:one for humans, one for ghosts and the last for fairies. Mostly they are like stages. First comes the human state and sometimes they become ghosts IF they do not go to heaven or hell. When they find peace that is not often, they become fairies annd that’s why fairies are rare.”


                                         The Best Friend


I was walking and for some reason I was REALLY angry. I saw my best friend and only friend ,Starry Cross. I didn’t have any friends other than Starry due to being ‘different’ from others. I started to scream at her for some reason. Then the worst thing happened.

She began to fade.

“Wait Starry?! Are you.. going to rest in peace?! No it can’t be!!!’

“No-one ever screamed on me. When you did, I can rest in peace”

“Bye… I’m just gonna fa-“

“No!!! Starry!!!”

I woke up. I realized it was a dream and went off to find Starry. Then on the way I saw that she was talking to the Ghost Council’s leader, Spooky Ball.

“Miss Cross, I have recently heard from the Ghost Security that you have been using the technique from the book ‘Ghostly Spells’ “.

Then I butt in.

I stupidly say,”Isn’t it okay to use the techniques of a book?”

”It is okay to use the techniques and spells of a normal book, but this book, oh ho ho. When a book has an author with a name like Undefined Undefined or Ghost Poptropican, it’s probably containing some forbidden spells. We put this book in a safe, so do you mind telling us HOW you got the book, Miss Cross?”

But Starry’s not listening. She’s mumbling something and her eyes are glowing. Red.

“Miss Cross?”


Debeela?? Dyna?


She mumbled more.

“Electric Walker, come with me

Because you need to be with me

To find your sister

She’s not a mister

But you need to be with me”

She said that. I didn’t buy it. She hates poetry!!

“Are you saying that someone of my blood… is here?”

“Yes, now hurry!”

I didn’t seem to see Spooky Ball now. He sorta… disappeared. 😐

“Your sister Sunshine Debeela Walker is waiting for you.”


“M-M- My s-s-sister?!?? Can’t be!”

“Time is not there to support I. So come eQuick.”

She sounded like that. LOOOL

“Okay!! Let’s go find my sister!!”

So off we went. We portalled into a deep space of debris known as Debel’s Sky. Legend says that if you truly trust your partner, you will find someone like your long lost family member. So I’m hoping I can find ‘Debeela’.

I wonder why they named my sister Debeela. They named me Dyna. Dee?

Starry became herself in a while. She asked me where we were.

“Debel’s Sky”

“Nooo!! Debel’s Sky!! Closer to Hell than Heaven!! Gah!!!”

I explained to her.

I heard a voice.

“Trapped in here for 10 years. How do expect to get out?”

She looked betrayed.


                          First Lady, Last Lady


“Do I look like someone who will know THAT? I replied. Starry quickly pulled my hand. I was never mean. Even to those people who made fun of me. I would simply avoid them. What was HAPPENING to ME?
“I’m sorry. She didn’t mean that. She’s never like that,” Starry smiled. “Right Electric?”
“I’msorry!!”I quickly said before turning around.
“What?” the lady said.
“She say that she’s sorry, ma’am. Let me introduce myself. I’m Starry Cross. And you?”
“Ball Lightning,” she said. Starry chuckled silently.
Starry was like that. She was never mad. Never mean. That’s why I had a dream about the gonna-become-a-fairy.Then I went off day-dreaming.

”Oi. Electric?”
I quickly snapped out of my day-dream. “Yeah!” I felt so goofy. This wasn’t me. The real me. It was the false me. If it existed.
“Introduce yourself,” whispered Starry.
“My name’s Electric. Electric Walker. What can I do for you this fine morning?” I sucked at conversating. See? Conversating? Ugh!! I sounded like a waitress of doom. So not ME!!
I was about to fall. Then I realized. Ghosts can’t fall.. 😡
“Lectric!” said Starry. “You dizzy?”
“Sausages!!” I blurted out.
“Sausages… That’s what my bud Debeela used to say all the TIME.”
Starry and I exchanged glances.
“As weird as it may sound…” said Starry.
“I’m Debeela’s sister.”
“That explains the resemblance. She took out a picture and showed it to me.

She looked so much like me…

I looked like this.

She had my hair and my eyes and my lips. You could say she was a little me. Or a big me. Or a big dead me.
“She looks a lot like me. Doesn’t she Starry?”

”Did you know what your sister did? I mean owned?”
“Nope/No” said we.
“Debel’s Sky.”

We were surprised.


5 Responses to Forgotten Tales- Ghost

  1. Magic Star says:

    “Her eyes are glowing. Red”
    Now THAT is a way to get me excited about the next chapter.

  2. Edalfrey says:

    sounds kind of evilly-ish-creepy

  3. Magic Star says:

    I love your way of writing. It’s almost like a poem, huh? “Closer to Hell than Heaven” 😀

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