Friendly Paw’s Stories

Hey, I’m creating my own stories page, but not for the same stories on my blog. Here, I’ll post non-series stories.

Hmmmm… That’s my first poll. I’m not sure if it worked. I need to post and see.

The Thief

I’m Funny Tee Fly. Let me explain a little about the neighborhood thief. He is a guy who “borrows” things who always strikes on Halloween. He used to only steal candy, but now he’s going for more. Things like jack’o’lanterns, decorations, and even ,late at night, some cars! At first it was okay, almost everyone had two cars, and other stuff didn’t matter. But then, one Halloween, he~ let me tell you the story.

I was outside handing out candy. When I saw the thief crawl up, I hit him with a stick multiple times. Soon, he was unconscious.

“YAY! THIEF GONE!” Said the little kids I was handing candy to.

“No, no. He’s just unconscious, sorry,” I said. “But he won’t wake up for a long time.”

“Thief no dead?” The littlest one said. But before i could answer, they walked away.

“Ooooo-kaay then.” Then, I figured I could use some candy, so I popped a Snicker’s into my mouth. After three, THREE, boring hours handing out candy, guess who decided to wake up?

“Wow. You could make a good partner. Help me steal Zoey Ganlato?”

“You mean that sweet little girl?”

“If you don’t feel comfortable with it, we can just put some sort of blade in your candy and give it to her.”

“No, never, NEVER, will I hurt anyone who has not done anything to me.”

“Oh, that’s just too bad.”

“So you’ll let me go?”

“Oh, gosh, no. You know too much.” And I was still trying to figure out what was happening when he drowned me in the pond.

The sequel will come next Halloween.

The Aliens, Episode One

I know I said it’d come out on November 8th, but I haven’t felt good since-the 9th. There’s really no excuse. Aw, phoo.

Friendly Paw sat down on her floating purple bed. She jumped off and soared through the sky for her morning flight. The sun, which looked pink from Peniculous, was just rising, and it was amazing, as it always is on Silver Penny Day, for there the sun only comes for a few minutes on the day honoring the legendary Silver Penny, the only Peniculan who ever set foot on Poptropica. And that is why even though it was early, everyone was up to see the beautiful sun. Friendly Anna Paw passed by it, illuminating her. The special powers these aliens held allowed her to touch the sun, and, seeing the true color of it, she flew back to inform the planet’s government. She was the government’s spy, because she was the only one who could fly, therefore she was special and could fly high and with the planet’s advanced hearing and eyesight, could catch every bit of another’s conversation. Anna flew by Poptropica, and knew this was it. Today was the day she would go to Poptropica. Silver Penny went in 1462, and she needed to inform the government about the new stuff. Strangely enough, the time in Peniculous was only slightly different from time on Poptropica. And as she came closer to Poptropica, she saw something strange, something seemingly moving slowly to Peniculous that could only be one thing. A spaceship.

Chapter 2

Friendly Paw flew as fast as she could back home and landed on the roof of the Government Space Center, or GSC. She opened the trapdoor made specially for her and jumped in. She fell through a silver metal tube for a while before landing on a square  platform surrounded by plastic forming a rectangular prism. She pressed a blue button on the side of the prism and it lifted up, allowing her to walk into GSC.

“Fearless Leaf! Come quick!” She called.

“What, Anna, what?” 

Out of breath, she answered. “Spaceship…flying…Peniculous…bad…I…stop.”

“There’s a spaceship flying toward Peniculous and it’s bad and you’re going to stop it.”


“No you’re not. You’re going to Poptropica to explore and report to us what it’s like. But you can confront the spaceship and find out what it’s doing. Go fly to Poptropica. Take this extra-long distance walkie talkie and use it if you need us. Take this backpack, full of things you’ll need if you’re lost or in trouble.” Fearless Leaf handed her a heavy backpack and a shiny red walkie talkie. “Now go.”

Friendly Paw sighed. And, without a word, she flew through the door and quickly left the atmosphere.


25 Responses to Friendly Paw’s Stories

  1. friendlypaw says:

    Well, maybe some series. We’ll have to see.

  2. Actually, I think I might just write about Halloween.

  3. Ummm… my sister’s in seventh grade and she goes to bed at 9:00! That’s not right. Oh, and no offense, but I was talking to Magic… Yours says 12:41 pm.

  4. Wait… you live in Asia? That’s so cool! Much better than boring ol’ Texas. America may be a pretty wealthy country, but wherever i go, it’s like there’s a whole, juicy watermelon, and there’s like, only a few edible seeds, and the edible seeds represent how little beauty there is.

  5. Brave Eye says:

    That’ll seem so, but actually, if you say from my view its actually 10 o’clock.

  6. We got out from school at 12:00 today! I have no idea why!

  7. Check it out, I made a profile!

  8. Edalfrey says:

    funny and kinda creepy at the same time friendly paw you are truly a genius

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