Magic: the chat show – Episode 4 Holiday Special

The Magic: the chat show 2012 Holiday Special. Enjoy!


Magic: the chat show – Holiday Special! 

 *Curtains open*

Theme song plays: dun dun-dun dun DUN dun-dun dun dun dun

*The Episode Four Chat Room is revealed. Each Episode has a different Chat Room*

 Magic Star: Hi Poptropicans, and Happy Holidays! Welcome to Magic: the chat show, where I interview Poptropica’s most famous and good-looking celebrities!  

*Laughter from the audience*

Magic Star: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! So, are you ready for this week’s guest?

*The audience shout and cheer, and suddenly someone walks onstage…*

Christie Walks On

Magic Star: We’re VERY lucky to have Christie Cookie on the show this week!!!

*More clapping and cheering from the audience as Christie walks on. At the edge of the stage, none other than cameraman Squeezy Sponge is watching with a dark look on his face*

Squeezy Sponge: Bah Humbug! Merry Christmas indeed… there’s no such thing as Christmas!

*An audience member shushes him angrily*


Magic Star: Well, as some of you know, Christie Cookie is the sister of Betty Brownie. Those two girl scouts are quite famous right now! Pleasure to have you on the show for our Holiday Special, Christie!

Christie: Thanks, Magic! Nice to meet you too!

*As she speaks, red and green glitter rains down on her*

Christie is introduced

Magic Star: So Christie – I’m going to start off the night with the question I think everyone wants to know: what’s it like being one of the newest, youngest, and well-known celebs in Poptropica?

Christie *gives a little fake giggle*: You would know Magic. It’s wonderful. Not just the money but being in the spotlight; giving people a role model to look to. Although the money’s good too!

*Polite laughter from the audience*

Magic Star: The money, ha! I heard you were a scout, Christie?

Christie: Was, Magic. That was definitely a thing of the past. I used to be a scout.

Magic Star: Right… so, what was it like?

*Everyone watches as Christie struggles to find a good answer. The audience know she’s bursting to say “boring”. But Christie knows that Magic and the millions of people watching won’t like that, so she says the only thing that comes to her mind…*

Christie: OK.

Magic Star: You don’t sound very enthusiastic there.

*The audience laughs for real this time*

Christie: I mean, it was FANTASTIC! I could just tell the scout leaders took baths all the time. And the creepy crawlies were so… interesting! And everyone could so remember my name. Oh, and don’t let me get started on the door-to-door-sales…

Magic Star: Better cut you off there. Sounds exciting!

Christie: Uh, yeah…

Magic Star: So on the topic of door-to-door sales – was selling cookies a starting point for your career as the face of Poptrop Cookies?

Christie: Yeah totally!

*At the edge of the stage, Squeezy Sponge is half-asleep*

Obnoxious Bubbles (camerawoman): Be quiet! You’re muttering to yourself!

Squeezy Sponge: It’s all this Christmas nonsense. Why is that hideous confetti falling on Cookie whenever she speaks? Why are they both so… cheerful? It’s driving me INSANE!

*The people around Squeezy Sponge shush him loudly and angrily*

Obnoxious Bubbles: Sponge!!!  

Squeezy Sponge: What???

Obnoxious Bubbles *sighs*: Tell you what, why don’t I take over here? You go sort out the prep backstage. We need an extra hand with the controls at the end of the show.

Squeezy Sponge: Get rid of me all you like, Bubbles. At least I don’t have blue hair!

*On stage, Magic and Christie are chatting away when suddenly they hear someone screaming “INSANE!”*

Magic Star *laughs loudly to cover up the sound*: So Christie – what’s it like being the sister of the fabulous Betty Brownie?

*Christie looks even madder than she did when Magic asked her about being a scout. Her face slowly turns red, and it’s clear she’s wishing Magic and Betty a sticky end*

Christie: Fantabulous.

Magic Star: Is she a caring, nice sister?

Christie: N- yes!

*Thinking she is joking, the audience laughs*

Magic Star: Well, since this is the Holiday Special… do you remember any of your childhood Christmases?

Christie *calms down*: Yes, in fact, I remember them all. How could I forget? Christmas is a time of goodwill and forgiving; happiness, tranquillity, and above all, love

*Backstage, Squeezy Sponge is turning green*

Squeezy Sponge: Someone get me a bucket!

Bronze Hamburger *security guard*: What’s wrong?

Squeezy Sponge: She said the word “love”!

*Bronze Hamburger’s mouth turns into a straight line*

Bronze Hamburger: Sponge get back to work on that Tree!

*But Squeezy Sponge can still hear Christie from the controls*

Christie: -full of wishes, and good luck. A time of prosperity and thanksgiving away from Thanksgiving. A time when we can all relax, and bring joy to the world-

*Joy… joy… joy… the sound of the world “Joy” suddenly echoes in Squeezy Sponge’s mind. Suddenly a different scene comes to mind…*

Nice Sponge: I’m so glad the explorer rescued you from that island, Squeezy.

Squeezy Sponge: I was enjoying myself with the crabs… it was only the old man driving me nuts. Besides, I’ll have to go back to school now!

Nice Sponge: Oh, I don’t think anyone in Shark Tooth Island will mind if you skip a few days. It is Christmas after all. Time to relax. Time to bring joy to the world…

*Then suddenly, Squeezy Sponge looking at himself in the mirror… except it’s himself as he is now. The sunken eyes, the deathly pale skin, the greasy black hair…*

Squeezy Sponge: Why? Why? How did I turn out like this?

*The Squeezy Sponge in the Television Studio takes out the old picture from his wallet…*

Squeezy Sponge: Not a day goes past when I don’t miss you, Charlotte…

*Then suddenly, Squeezy Sponge is transported forwards in time… and he’s looking at a tiny gravestone*

Here lies Squeezy Sponge

 *The S, Q, U, and first E of Squeezy are covered with moss, making it look more like “Ezy Sponge”. Then Christie’s voice fills Squeezy Sponge’s ears…*

Christie Cookie: -It is Christmas after all!

*Tears fill Squeezy Sponge’s eyes…*


*There is a squeak from above…*


*Squeezy Sponge falls to the ground, unconscious. Next to him sits a truly enormous Christmas tree. Sticky-taped to the Christmas Tree is a note…*

 Squeezy Sponge,

Activate the tree by pressing the “activate” button on the controls panel. REMEMBER THIS IS IMPORTANT, AS IF YOU DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON THE TREE GOES INTO AUTOMATIC MODE.


*Back on stage*

Magic Star: Well, Christie, there’s one more thing that needs to be done before you leave… the Christmas presents!

*The audience cheer excitedly. The idea of Christmas presents sounds fun*

Christie: I’m ready for it, Magic!

Magic Star: Good. I’m pretty sure I saw one with your name on it too…

Christie: Really??!!

Magic Star: So where’s my… CHRISTMAS TREE???!!!

*Magic looks as if she is waiting for something. Then suddenly there’s a soft “Ping”*

Computerized voice: Automatic mode!

*There’s a rustling sound…*

*And a green blur comes tearing across the stage!*

Christie: Careful Magic!

*Magic jumps a second too late. The Christmas Tree knocks right into her, and she falls backwards, unmoving…*

Random Audience Member *panics*: The tree is heading our way! RUN!!!!!!!

*There’s a rush for the door. Poptropicans are screaming and panicking…*

*Hours later, Squeezy Sponge wakes up, on the cold backstage floor. He rubs his head, looks around, and says the only thing he can think of…*

Squeezy Sponge: Bah humbug!




4 Responses to Magic: the chat show – Episode 4 Holiday Special

  1. Silver Wolf says:

    I love the Magic Chat Show! I hope you can continue!

  2. I hope the next one will come out soon!

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