Magic: the chat show – Episode 5

HI! So happy to be posting a new Episode! We’re halfway through the series now 🙂 Sorry for the lack of photos. One of them I did on Tux Paint, with bubbles as the audience. The other (Phone screen) I edited on Paint.


*Curtains open, revealing the Chat Room for Week Five. Each week, Magic has a different Chat Room – currently, she is sitting on one of two glass chairs on a catwalk-style stage, with the audience on either side of her.*

Theme song plays: dun dun-dun dun DUN dun-dun dun dun dun

 Magic Star: Hi Poptropicans! You’re watching Magic: the chat show, where I interview the celebrities of Poptropica. They’re famous, rich, or good-looking? They’ve been on here!

*Muffled laughter from the audience – most people are just itching to see who the guest is. Usually, the more famous the guest, the more views the show gets*

Magic Star: This week, we’ve got a very special guest joining us from the malls of Night Watch Island. A very warm welcome to… Shiny Shell!

*The curtains at one end of the stage ruffle, until they are pushed aside dramatically by a beautiful poptropican wearing rather over-the-top clothes. Shiny Shell makes her way down the catwalk, hands on her hips, her clunky high heels stepping in front of each other as if she is walking on a line in a basketball court*

Magic Star: Hi, Shiny Shell!

Shiny Shell: Magic Starrr. Always a pleasurrrre to meet you.

MS and SS

Magic Star: Same to you! So I’ll cut straight to the point – you were on the cover of Poptropica Vogue last week, weren’t you?

*Meanwhile, back stage, two poptropicans are grouped around a small, grimy window. From their vantage point, they can just see the outline of the furniture in the back stage room*

Sneaky Flyer: This better work, Heart. If we get caught, you’re taking the blame.

Quiet Heart *adjusts her camera angrily*: No way, sis. Why me?

Sneaky Flyer: You drafted the plan. It’s obviously not going to work.

Quiet Heart: Then why were you all for it back at HQ? Besides, Bob and I both made it up. He still takes half of the blame, too.

Sneaky Flyer: No, you’ll take the blame. Bob’s too han-

*She cuts herself off, her cheeks turning bright red*

Quiet Heart: Lol, you like Bob, don’t you?

Sneaky Flyer: Look, the first flare!

*On the other side of the city, a lone orange firework shoots up into the sky. The sisters look at each other and nod. They silently begin to climb up the wall of the building*

*On stage*

Shiny Shell: You mean marrrvellous, Magic. I wasn’t just good. I was the most beautiful person at the show!

Magic Star *laughs awkwardly*: I’m sure you were. So, Shiny-

Shiny Shell: -Call me Crystal. That’s my name.

Magic Star: Right. So, Crystal, I’m sure we’d love to know what inspired you to model? When did you decide-

Shiny Shell: -Magic, you don’t decide to be a model. Naturrrrre decides for you. I’m just a naturally beautiful person, so the obvious choice was to be a model.

Magic Star: Wow. It’s hard work, isn’t it? I remember modelling in a biscuit ad at the start of my career-

Shiny Shell *stares disbelievingly at Magic*: You’re joking, right? Yourrrr manager must be crazy. You’re not beautiful enough to be in an ad.

Magic Star *tries to laugh it off, unsuccessfully*: Oh, I agree, I agree. No offence, Green Hamburger, of course! You were a great manager. So, Crystal-

Shiny Shell: I thought we’d been through this before! My name is Amethyst!

 *Her face is dead serious, but it’s obvious that the audience think she is joking. As the millions of poptropicans laugh, the show’s ratings go up*

 Magic Star: I’m soooo sorry. I swear you just told me a few minute ago that your name was-

 *Quiet Heart and Sneaky Flyer watch the show from small screens on their spy-issue smart phones, from their first class chat show watching seats*

View from the first class show watching seats

Sneaky Flyer *adjusts herself on her toilet seat*: LOL! Can’t they get a sane person on this show, for once?

Quiet Heart: I know right! I can’t believe people watch this!

*Her phone beeps. The face of a handsome poptropican appears on the screen*

Sneaky Flyer: OMG! Bob!

Bob: Agent Heart? Is there anyone else there?

Quiet Heart: No, just the team. You OK?

*Bob looks relieved* Bob: No, I just thought that Sneaky Flyer might’ve been there. No offence, I know she’s your sister, but I just can’t stand her-

*The sisters look horrified as the agent goes on to explain why he doesn’t like Sneaky Flyer*

 Bob: -And to top it all off, she asked me for my number yesterday!

*Sneaky Flyer faints*

 *Back on the show, Magic is thinking in her mind the exact same thing that Bob was previously stating. Shiny Shell is in the middle of a long monologue about… herself*

 Shiny Shell: -So my BFF said “Sapphirrrrre, you just have to go there, it’s so totally awesome!

Magic Star: Wow! That sounds-

 Shiny Shell: I know right? And then

*Worst of all, the audience is getting bored. They have better things to do than listen to Shiny Shell talk about her new shoes*

 *Back in the bathroom, Bob has briefed Quiet Heart on her mission and Quiet Heart is trying to revive her sister*

 Quiet Heart: Sneaky? Sneaky? Are you alive?

*Sneaky, who is extremely attention seeking at the best of times, and who was just pretending to be unconscious, let’s out a huge, theatrical sniff. It comes out like a snort*

 Quiet Heart *mutters*: Blow your nose.

*She looks around. Sneaky will continue lying on the ground for ages, she knows, so it’s best if she gets on with her mission to avoid wasting time*

 Quiet Heart: I’ll be back when you’ve finished your little act. Honestly…

*And so she slips out of the bathroom and stealthily makes her way to the control room*

 *On stage*

 Magic Star: -So this was after you brought the shoes?

Shiny Shell: Yep! In fact, I was wearing them!

*She seems to have run out of air. Magic seizes the opportunity to continue*

 Magic Star: You sure seem to love shoes. What are your favorite brand?

*It’s a dull question, but Shiny Shell’s eyes light up*

 Shiny Shell: My silverrrrr platforms! In fact, I think they cost… 1,788,924!

*The audience, and Magic, stare at her. The sudden change in her tone is so sudden that they are caught off-guard*

 *In the control room, two guards lie unconscious on the floor. Quick Heart is keying in a familiar sounding password to one of the computers. She grins as the screen lights up*

Quick Heart *leans over to press a button*: Access- my glasses!

*Sure enough, Quick Heart’s glasses have slipped off her nose. Growling in impatience and anger, Quick Heart types in a series of commands, knowing she has no time to lose. And whatever, she is such a good touch-typist that she doesn’t need her glasses*

 *Back on stage, or on catwalk, Shiny Shell is back to normal, and showing off her walk with a sly grin on her makeup-caked face*

Shiny Shell: If you want to see morrrrre of my walk, check out my book, which comes with a CD, titled “Diamond 101”. It’s my favorrrrrrite book in the world.

Magic Star: I’m sure it is. Well, Shiny-

Shiny Shell: Diamond!

Magic Star: I’m afraid we have to wrap it up now, Diamond. One last question-

Shiny Shell: Oh, no, Magic. I have a question for you.

Magic Star: Really? Ask away!

*That sly grin reappears on Shiny Shell’s face*

 Shiny Shell: What would you say if I told you that I was a secret agent, and that my agency, B.A.D, are taking over the world, starting with your show, and taking over the controls to broadcast our secret hypnotism ad to the whole of Poptropica!

*She throws her arms up dramatically, as if waiting for a cue*

Magic Star *blinks*: What?

*Meanwhile, Quiet Heart is tapping away at the controls. She can see a red blur on the screen – what should be there. In a matter of seconds, B.A.D will rule Poptropica…*

 Sneaky Flyer: GET OUTTA MY WAY!

*She shoves Quiet Heart to the side and grabs a microphone. Ripping out the CD with one and plugging the microphone in with the other, she begins to sing*

 Sneaky Flyer: I thought I knew you, I thought you cared, when you are injured, well I’ll be there, you are the evillest, loveliest person in the world-

*All around Poptropica, people are staring at their screens. A Poptropican is warbling a nasty-sounding tune into a microphone. Millions of eyes are on her, mouths open*


*All around Poptropica, people are screaming in panic. The music is so loud, and so terrible, that the police can’t even enter the control room to arrest Sneaky Flyer. The bunch outside the room, bellowing orders that no one can hear. The whole of Poptropica is filled with the sounds of screaming, howling dogs, and various alarms going off*

*Pretty much only one Poptropican does not have their mouth open, screaming for mercy*

Bob *stares at the screen*: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Author Note: This is the longest episode… but I’m a bit disappointed in it. I originally had it heading in a different direction… but oh well.

You may have noticed a few similarities between the episodes at this point. They all have Magic, two poptropicans watching the show, and a catastrophe at the end… well, that’s about to change! As of the next episode, the series will be more like a story, with cliff-hangers at the end of the episodes. Hopefully, the next episode will be posted shortly!



2 Responses to Magic: the chat show – Episode 5

  1. Nice! It’s a little strange, but I love Magic: the chat show! 🙂

  2. Silver Wolf says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait for the next one! :mrgreen:

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