Magic: the chat show – Episode 3



*In his house in Shark Tooth Island, Lazy Clown yawns as he flicks through the channels*

Lazy Clown: There is, like, nothing on!

*Just as he is about to go into the kitchen for some soda and a candy bar (or two), Lazy Clown’s finger slips a bit and he accidently presses the little “11” button*

Lazy Clown: 11? That’s, like, POPtv! I hate that channel!

*But just as Lazy Clown goes to switch channels, something catches his eye*

Voiceover *in a dramatic voice*: …Show, on now. Who will the mystery guest be?

Lazy Clown: Hurray! Total Poptropica Island! I’ve been waiting, like, all year for this!

*Unfortunately as the show turns on, Lazy Clown realises that it’s not Total Poptropica Island. It’s…*


On Screen…


Magic Star: Hey Poptropicans! You’re watching Magic: the chat show, where I interview the most famous, funny, and good-looking Poptropicans in the world!

*As they are known to do at the beginning of the show by now, the audience cracks up*

Magic Star: So you wanna know who I’m gonna interview?

At Shark Tooth Island…


Lazy Clown: No way! I, like, hate these interviewing shows!

Magic Star *on screen*: May I now present to you… Wizard Spellmore!

*The audience clap a little – only about one sixteenth of them know who Wizard Spellmore is*

 Wizard Spellmore: Hey, wizards and witches!

 *However, as the celebrity walks on, there is massive applause*

Lazy Clown: Why? It’s not as if he’s funny, famous, or good-looking!

Magic Star: So, Wizard Spellmore, you starred in Harry Poptropica and the Prisoner of Astroknights. I’m sure everyone would love to hear what it was like playing Professor Spellmore!

*A gasp of recognition from the audience as they remember all the Harry Poptropica hype*

Wizard Spellmore: I sure did, Magic Wand!

Magic Star *whispers*: It’s Magic STAR!

Wizard Spellmore: Whoops-a-daisies! Sorry!

Magic Star: Anyway. What was it like playing Professor Spellmore?

Wizard Spellmore: Why, I had a MAGICAL time!

*Magic Star is trying not to look frustrated – Wizard Spellmore just used one of HER catch phrases. Honestly!*

Magic Star *fake laughs*: SO! Anything else?

*Spellmore doesn’t appear to hear her – leaving the room in an awkward silence*

Lazy Crown: Fail. I must remember to watch this again. It’s, like, so funny watching those dudes mess up!

*Luckily for Magic Star, the Harry Poptropica trailer starts playing on a screen behind the chatroom*

*The audience watch it, loving the dramatic-ness*


In Shark Tooth


Lazy Crown: Boring! As if I want to hear about this old man and his acting career!

*It’s then that a little message pops up below the screen*

Lazy Crown *reads the messages*: “LOL Magic, I luv ur show!”

*The front door is unlocked, and Dizzy Crown enters the house*

Dizzy Crown: Hey ‘lil bro! I’m back from- why are you watching Magic Star’s show?

Lazy Crown: What’s wrong with it?

Dizzy Crown: Nothing! I just didn’t know you liked it TOO! I’m a total MS fan!

Lazy Crown: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not watching it because I LIKE it! I’m watching so I can, like, criticise it!

*On screen, Magic Star is desperately trying to make the show more interesting as Wizard Spellmore continues to forget her name, steal her catch-phrases, and bore the audience. Some members have already left the room*

Magic Star: So, Wizard Spellmore! I’ve heard you like casting spells!

Wizard Spellmore: As long as they’re MAGICAL – a bit like me!

*Oh dear. It looks like this is the last straw as Magic’s face turns red*

Magic Star *barely containing her anger*: Well… Ssspellmore… I’m sure you can think of a more… original catch phrase than that…

Wizard Spellmore: Sorry. The stars aint giving me much luck today!

*Magic Star stands up, opens her mouth and…*

In Shark Tooth…


Dizzy Crown: What’s up with Magic? Who’s the guest?

Lazy Crown: Some guy called Wizard Spellmore. He was in Harry Poptropica and the Prisoner of Astroknights.

Dizzy Crown: Well she’s sure- oooooh!

Lazy Crown: What?

Dizzy Crown: The twitter discussion is being televised! I have to join in! Then I’ll be FAAAAMOUS!

*Lazy Crown watches his sister in disbelief as she skips from the room. Some people…*


Back on screen…


*Magic’s mouth opens…*

*And then she sits back down, her face back to normal again!*

Magic Star: Well, before we say goodbye, I’m sure you’d like to do one last thing, Wizard Spellmore.

Excited audience member: YAY!

Magic Star *encouraged*: Could you possibly… cast a spell for us, Spellmore?

Wizard Spellmore: Why I could indeed, Merry Star!

*Relieved that the wizard has finally decided to cooperate and not use her catch phrases, Magic Star sits back, relaxed and enjoying herself once more*

Magic Star: Cast away, Spellmore!

*The wizard raises his wand and…*


In Shark Tooth

Lazy Crown *reads another Twitter message*: I like hate these Twitter fans!

*Another message catches his eye*

Lazy Crown *reads*: “Oh my gosh Magic, I love your show and you’re so funny and smart. I love how there’s a new chat room each week and each episode leaves me in tears of laughter. My brother, who I was talking to earlier, sends you his love and would like to add that he is also a huge fan of yours. Once again, you’re so awesome Magic! Love from your biggest fan ever, Dizzy Crown xxx

*Lazy Crown drops the remote*

Lazy Crown: WHAT???!!! DIZZY, YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!

*And so Lazy Crown does not catch what happens next…*


In the chat room…


Wizard Spellmore: Snotgarbage magicstaricus!

*There is a flash of orange light*


*The audience screams with laughter as Magic Star tries to extract herself from the huge pile of garbage and other slimy stuff she doesn’t want to even think about*


*And with that, Wizard Spellmore beams, bows, and disappears in a flash of bright orange*

Magic Star: COME BACK, YOU-

*At this point, the theme song comes on and the curtains close. One last tweet closes the whole thing quite effectively*

 Lazycrowntheawesomepoptropican: I hate Magic: the chat show.


9 Responses to Magic: the chat show – Episode 3

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  2. Shy Singer says:

    Awesome! I have no idea how LC canbpossibly hats this!

  3. My “Tweet”: I love Magic: the chat show! If I got to be a guest that would be awesome! Keep up the good work Magic!

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