Magic: the chat show – Episode 2

A/N:  this episode is a little LESS humorous than usual and more about friendship. Enjoy!

*Curtains open*

Theme song plays: dun dun-dun dun DUN dun-dun dun dun dun

 Magic Star: Hello people! Welcome to Magic: the chat show – where I interview and chat with the most famous, influential, rich, and good-looking poptropicans in the world!

*As if on cue, the audience laugh*

Magic Star: Well, can you guys guess who we’re interviewing this week?

Random audience member: One Direction?

Magic Star *horrified*: What did you just say?

*in audience*

Funny Catfish: What’s up with Magic? It’s not as if liking One Direction is illegal!

Trusty Tiger: She’s still paranoid about that kind of thing since, like, the Justin Poptropica incident last week.

Funny Catfish: Oh yeah. I watched that episode.

Trusty Tiger: Duh! We’re, like, THE biggest fans of Magic: the chat show!

Funny Catfish: Shhh! Magic is introducing the guest!


*On stage*


Magic Star: Introducing… COOL RIDER!!!

*The audience go absolutely berserk as Cool Rider makes his way onstage. Finally, the type of famous good-looking actor that celeb mags love!*

Cool Rider: Hey guys! Hey Magic!

Magic Star: Hi Cool Rider!

*Cool Rider takes a seat across from Magic*

Magic Star: So, Cool Rider – you’re currently working on The Creator Games. And you are…?

Cool Rider: Yeah, I play xxx xxxx from Island Four.

Magic Star *squeals in an un-Magic Star way*: So filming is just about finished I hear! What are your thoughts on it so far?

Cool Rider *smiles charming smile*: It’s fantastic. I’m really looking forwards to the Premiere.

Magic Star: Great! So…

*Most of the audience are gazing at Magic and Cool Rider, some admiring there hero’s good looks and witty personality, other just wishing they could take Magic Star’s place*

Funny Catfish: OMG! Cool Rider! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!

Trusty Tiger: Funny, calm down. I like can’t hear what he’s saying!

Funny Catfish: But it’s COOL RIDER!

Audience member in front: Quiet down!

Funny Catfish: Sorry! *to Trusty Tiger* I need an autograph!

Trusty Tiger: Funny! He’ll probably go, like, straight away after this! He sees his fans, like, all the time!

Funny Catfish *determined expression*: Well he’ll remember ME for sure!

*Back on stage*

Magic Star: So Cool Rider – rumor has it you’re moving to Cryptids Island soon! Are these true?

Cool Rider: Magic, every Star needs to get away some time!

*In audience*

Trusty Tiger: That was, like, the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard.

Funny Catfish: Well, you obviously have no appreciation of Cool Rider!

Trusty Tiger: I’ll say it one more time. Cool Rider will never notice you!

Funny Catfish *stands up*: We’ll see about that!

*Runs off*

*On stage, Magic Star and Cool Rider are getting along well and talking about air fresheners whilst the audience cracks up*

Cool Rider: I love the Rose Dream. It smells so luxurious.

Magic Star: Really? I like Rose Dream, but I couldn’t go without Strawberry Delight. The first thing I smell when I wake up, FYI!

*The audience are in hysterics*

*Funny Catfish sticks her head around the curtain backstage. A camera crew are filming from the side. To her left, the paparazzi are attempting to film through tiny grubby window*

Funny Catfish: Looks like I’ll have to attack from above…

Camera Person: Hey, you shouldn’t be here!

Funny Catfish: Uh oh…

Security Guard: Get out! Out!

*He drags Funny Catfish off to the security room. As they go, they pass the door to the audience’s seats, which is coincidently right next to Trusty Tiger’s seat…*

Trusty Tiger: Uh oh… Funny’s plan obviously didn’t work.

*She feels sorry for her friend as she turns back to the show…*

Magic Star: That sounds great, Cool Rider! Now, I’m sure this is a question the whole audience has been wanting me to answer for them…

*It’s clear she’s glad to be interviewing someone who’s sane*

Cool Rider: What is it?

Magic Star *giggles*: Who has won some time up on stage, with us, to ask Cool Rider any question they want… right NOW!

*Once more, the audience goes berserk. The show’s ratings go up as millions of Rider fans are glued to their TV’s.*

Cool Rider: Any question at all? *sarcastic* Are you sure?

Magic Star *giggles in that very un-Magic Star way*: Oh, I’m sorry, Cool Rider, but that was the agreement we reached.

*Cool Rider rolls his eyes and the audience laughs as if it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever heard*

Trusty Tiger: Oh please!

*Two poptropicans in sparkly suits wheel a lotto-style glass ball onto the stage. The pieces of paper whiz around before stopping abruptly*

Magic Star *puts hand in and selects a slip of paper*: And the lucky audience member is…


Trusty Tiger *face palm*

Magic Star: Come on up, Trusty Tiger.

*The audience roar as Trusty Tiger makes her way up onto the stage*

Magic Star: So, Trusty Tiger, congratulations. What’s your question?

*Trusty Tiger looks up at Cool Rider, contemplating. She can ask him anything she wants.*

Magic Star: Ask away, Trusty Tiger.

Audience: ASK! ASK! ASK! ASK! ASK!

*As Trusty Tiger looks at Cool Rider, she can suddenly see another face in her mind. A squealing girl…*

Trusty Tiger *beaming*: I’ve got it.

Magic Star: OK, Cool Rider. Here comes your death.

Cool Rider: Sweet.

Trusty Tiger: Can I ask a favour?

Cool Rider: Anything.

Trusty Tiger *scribbles something on a piece of note paper*: Can you, like, deliver some flowers to this address, please?

Cool Rider: Sure.

*The audience and Magic are under the impression that she’s asked Cool Rider to come to her house.*

Magic Star: Aw. I’m sure the audience would give anything to know when he’s visiting you.

*Trusty Tiger and Cool Rider smile*


*A week later*


Funny Catfish: Did someone just knock on the door?

*She goes to the door and opens it*

Funny Catfish: Hello?

*See’s a poptropican holding flowers*

? : Hey, Funny Catfish. It’s Cool Rider!

*Cool Rider holds out the flowers – white and pink roses arranged in a beautiful bouquet*

Funny Catfish: …

Cool Rider: 😀

Funny Catfish: I don’t believe you.

*Slams door*


5 Responses to Magic: the chat show – Episode 2

  1. Brave Eye says:

    The end… is AWESOME!!!!!

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