Magic: the chat show – Episode 1

*Theme song plays whilst audience claps*

Theme song: dun dun-dun dun DUN dun-dun dun dun dun

*Curtains open and the Episode One Season Two Chat Room is revealed. Each week there’s a new Chat Room*

Magic Star: hello Poptropicans! Welcome to another episode of Magic, the legendary chat show in which we talk to… well, everyone! They’re rich, famous, or good-looking? You’ll see ’em on here!

*The audience laughs*

Audience member: But Captain Crawfish describes himself as “good looking” in one of his posts on the creators’ blog! Surely-

Magic Star: -Well, I can give you a clue as to who I’ll be chatting with first. They’re NOT old Crawfish. Let me present to you, the well known, the one, the only… SILVER MOON!!! REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATORS’ COMMITTEE!!!

*there’s some half-hearted clapping from the audience. Apparently they were hoping wfor someone more famous, the type that celeb magazines love*

*Silver Moon walks onstage, looking hideous. Some of the audience try their best not to laugh as the grinning poptropican takes her seat across from Magic Star*

Magic Star *trying not to laugh*: So, welcome, Silver Moon!

Silver Moon *fake laughs*: Welco- I mean, thanks, Magic!

Magic Star: Well, Silver, how did you come to work as the representative of the Creators’ Committee?

Silver Moon *takes sip of wine that’s on the table*: Well, Magic! I was in a pub, Magic! The one on Cryptids Island Magic! I got a drink and went to sit at the bar Magic! A guy sitting next to me said he was sick of work and wanted me to come instead, Magic! And that’s how I got the job, Magic!

*The audience seem unsure whether she is joking or not. Several poptropicans let out half-hearted laughs. Others just stare at Silver Moon, convinced that she is a complete lunatic*

Magic Star *a little uncomfortably*: Heh heh, very funny O.o

Silver Moon: I know, Magic!

Magic Star: um, so, I… uh… I like your outfit…

Silver Moon: I know, I look stunning, don’t I?

Magic Star: So where’d you get the skirt?

Silver Moon: Oh, this old thing? To be honest, I can’t remember. I think I was drinking last night.


*In the security room, Happy Comet and Bronze Hamburger watch the show*

Happy Comet: I knew it. That woman ought to be taken off the show!

Bronze Hamburger: Oh, let her be, Happy. She’s probably just joking.

Happy Comet: She said she’s been drinking. How did she even get on to the show, anyway?

Bronze Hamburger: Well, there’s been a lot of gossip about the Creators’ Committee…

*Explains to Happy Comet*

Back in the studio…

Magic Star: So, Silver, there’s been a bit of gossip going on about the Creators’ Committee. Something someone posted on the blog.

Silver Moon: Huh Magic?

*It is round about now that the audience begins to see that Silver’s glass is not quite as full as it had been when the show started*

Magic Star: Well, according to the Poptropica News, one of your employees started a computer bug that affected all the computers of Twisted Thicket Island, Shark Tooth Island, Counterfeit Island, and Reality TV Island. Is this true?

Silver Moon: And what bug would that be, Magic?!

Magic Star *sighs*: Well, for those of you who haven’t been in hibernation for the last year…

In the security room…

Bronze Hamburger: Where were you for the last year, Happy?!

Happy Comet: Skiing in the Cryptids Island alps, FYI. The monks don’t get the news broadcast.

Bronze Hamburger: Well, the Creators’ Committee were investigating a software company, Greensocks, if I’m not mistaken. They sent two representatives, and one of then just happened to be a Justin Poptropica fan.

Happy Comet *groans*: The day I use that mush for anything other than annoying my friends will be the day I drop dead!

Bronze Hamburger: Yup, he’s just about the most hated popstar in Poptropica. Anyways, the Justin Poptropica fan was also an experianced hacker. In no time at all, he hacked onto Greensocks’ machines and planted a little easter egg in some of their software.

Happy  Comet: I think I know where this is going.

Bronze Hamburger: Anyways, the citizens of Counterfeit Island, Shark Tooth Island, Twisted Thicket Island, and Reality TV Island had to endure him singing on their computers nonstop for eight hours. Just imagine. *shudders*

Happy Comet: Ugh. I feel sick. I need a drink of water.

Bronze Hamburger: Me too.

*The two exit the room*

*Back in the studio, Magic Star has just finished telling the audience and Silver Moon the exact same thing…*

Magic Star: So then the Justin Poptropica fan was taken into jail and all Justin Poptropica music was made illegal.

*At this point, however, the audience’s attention has switched to Silver Moon. Silver Moon is staring into the distance, her tounge lolling out of her mouth, clearly in the middle of some sort of day dream*

Magic Star: Uh… Silver Moon?

Magic Star: Silver Mo-on…

*The audience laugh and applaud. They think that Silver Moon is acting*

Silver Moon: Jus…pop…ca…

Magic Star: Wake up, Silver Moon!

Silver Moon: Just…popt..ica…

Audience Member: I think she may be trying to say “Justin Poptropica”!

Magic Star: Don’t be ridiculous. It’s illegal to like Justin Poptropica.

Silver Moon *suddenly sits bolt upright*: You know you love me, I know you care, just shout whenever, and I’ll be there, you are my love, you are my heart…!

*The audience screams. Some block their ears and ruch to the exit, others call the police, others faint. There is a massive rush to the door*


*But Silver Moon continues*


Magic Star: Someone, make her stop! Please!

*A police squad bursts onstage and secures Silver Moon*


Magic Star *suddenly notices the camera is still fixed on the stage*: Well, if you’re watching this at home, I’d like to remind you of the serious consequences of singing a Justin Poptropica song.

Random policewoman: Silver Moon is a living example! Those songs drove her to insanity!

Theme song: dun dun-dun dun DUN dun-dun dun dun dun

*Curtains close*

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14 Responses to Magic: the chat show – Episode 1

  1. Brave Eye says:

    Pls tell me your e-mail address since you want to be part of my blog

  2. Brave Eye says:

    Wow, I just realized, you must rly hate Justin Bieber.

  3. edalfrey says:

    that was awesome i cant stop laughing hahahaha

  4. edalfrey says:

    what are your usernames

  5. Brave Eye says:

    Magic, I changed th background. D you like it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    totally disapprove of JB too LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate him and I am proud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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